10 best sites to buy Instagram likes UK (real and instant)

How do you personally judge an Instagram page when you click on it? Is it the number of followers that the page has? Or the number of views on their video posts or the likes on their posts? Often it is a culmination of all of these factors that contribute to your overall impression of the page. However, likes are a great way for you to gauge engagement on the Instagram page. In order to make your brand or individual social media profile seem more popular than it is and create an impression on any new viewer, buying likes on Instagram may be a great option for you. A few of the best sites to buy Instagram likes UK are social media marketing panels, which provide solutions for you to get likes on Instagram.

If you feel that this may seem counterintuitive since you will be buying fake likes, do not worry, these sites help you buy real Instagram likes UK.

Best sites to buy Instagram likes UK


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Viralyft is a social media agency that provides solutions across platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify as well. This gives it an edge over other sites as it has experience in every sphere. Viralyft will help you boost your content and engagement with various brands, as well as it will help you grow your following and the number of likes plus views on your content.

This will make you comparable to the big brands in the industry that you work with. Viralyft is one of the cheapest sites out there for you to use and one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes UK for your posts. Spending just £10.5, any Instagram creator can get 1000 Instagram likes.

The number of your posts signifies how many people interact with your page and how well your page is known, and this is crucial. In the world of social media, the only important thing is the quality of content and the amount of engagement you have, and Viralyft will help you boost this.


As one of the longest established and most well-known sites out there in the market, GetViral does exactly what its name suggests – it helps you as an artist or an influencer or the owner of a brand to get viral on the internet. The plans on its site start for £3.5 and go up to much larger plans that provide up to £89 work of material. The process is also one that is fast-paced, as you can, as a creator, purchase up to 5,000 followers for your page in under just eight hours which is almost instant results.

This will help you boost your page almost instantly if you are looking for instant results. Having a large number of followers on your page would depict to the social media world that you are an established brand that has trusted followers.


SocialPros is one of the leading social media marketing panels out there for you to buy Instagram likes UK, followers, views and many other services. If you are interested in building your Instagram page and capitalizing on the thousands of millions of followers that use Instagram every day – then using SocialPros will help you boost your social media presence. Their packages start from as low as £2.5 and move up to prices as high as £220.

They provide instant delivery for your services and are definitely one of the highest ranking services available out there when it comes to social media panels.

The services will definitely help you boost your social media presence and, with it, the number of followers you have. They allow you to pick packages that target specific features such as likes or follows, and often they will enable you to increase the number of followers you have.


SocialRush is one of the best sites to get more likes on Instagram, as it offers some of the cheapest possible options for you to purchase a bulk of likes. It also provides a very easy-to-use website that outlines its stages in detail. Start with only £2.5 to get the starter plans of 100 likes.

There are only four steps to follow, entering the amount of money you would like to spend on the campaign, picking a username for yourself, and then selecting the package best suited to you, followed by the results that are delivered almost instantly.


FollowerPackages is a website that is incredibly reliable for you to buy likes on Instagram UK and followers as well as views. As claimed by them, musicians and other creative people from different industries have used FollowerPackages and become famous on almost an overnight basis. It is a fast and easy way to boost your interaction and engagement on Instagram.

It offers multiple packs for you to buy real Instagram likes UK, as well as other packages that give you followers and views on videos. Split up likes from the package to upto 12 posts, and at £24, only get 2,000 Instagram likes. It can also be used for small-time businesses as well in order to boost your Instagram footprint in order to increase sales of your product or service. FollowerPackages is a great one-stop destination for you to buy UK Instagram likes since you will be able to pick between different kinds of target packages.


ViewsExpert is a site that allows you to get almost instant growth, it is one of the best sites that delivers almost instant results. It will start providing results within just 24 hours of registration. It is as cheap as £30, fetching about 5,000 likes for your posts. There are only four steps in the process to get more likes on Instagram and followers. The first step is selecting yourself a package that you think is best suited to your brand’s needs and what will help you personally boost your page.

The next step for you to take is to enter your personal details so that ViewsExpert can tell you exactly what they offer that suits your needs. The next step is to enter your payment details in a secure payment gateway, which will protect your details and provide an easy-to-use process for you. The last step is for you to enjoy the results!


Social Packages is one of the best Instagram growth services to get more traffic onto your page. You will be able to increase your likes by whatever quantity you desire since it will provide the packages you desire. It provides a refill guarantee to you as well as 24/7 help support. It does not require a password, and you are able to use it with ease as it has great support provided. SocialPackages has some of the cheapest bulk plans, like 10,000 likes for £55.

It will help you boost the organic growth on your page, and you will be able to gain real followers by buying real Instagram likes UK for your page. In doing so, you will also create a great image around your brand and be able to communicate how great your brand is to newcomers to your site.


If you want to gain IG likes, you should certainly consider this site. Another new addition on this list, they have made their mark by serving many clients with authentic engagement and real growth. Within minutes you can see a spike in the statistics of your profile as the engagement is that quick to arrive!

The packages are slightly expensive, with the starting rate being £2.5 for 20 likes. But people who want a quick solution are willing to spend more money on it, so if you are one of them, you will certainly be happy.


ActiveIG is the best platform to buy packages from to boost your reputation and presence on social media. As the name suggests, ActiveIG is a website that offers packages to help you buy real and cheap UK Instagram likes and followers. The packages are high-quality and range between £2.5 (100 likes) and £390 (100,000 likes). The site is strictly against using bots and spam accounts, making it one of the best places to buy Instagram likes UK.


If you want fast and reliable results for your profile, Boostlikes is the site you can go with. It is a good option to buy Instagram likes UK. Their plans start from £17.5 for 250 likes, which is a great deal. One purchase from this company will change the way people perceive your profile, and in very little time, you will be swimming in a large pool of engagement. Boostlikes can offer you deals you have never seen before if you become a loyal customer of their website.


There are many different sites where you can choose to buy your social media followers, and these are the best sites to buy Instagram likes UK. These sites will help you boost your social media presence by helping you increase your engagement on your site. The best thing about these social media marketing sites is that there are different packages for different scales. With the cheapest social media marketing panels starting at as low as £3.5, here is a list of the best sites to buy UK Instagram likes for your brand.

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