10 Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Boiler Now

10 Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Boiler Now

During the cold season, which is fall going up until the winter months, heating is a must-have and a priority in every household. A centralized heating system is an important component to be considered, from drawing hot baths to kitchen activities such as cooking or washing dishes.

Along with a heating system, you would need to integrate a good boiler with it. But before anything else, what is a boiler?

Boiler Definition and Features

A boiler is an enclosed structure that transforms water into steam or vaporized liquid. This steam is then circulated throughout a unit’s piping system, transformed into heat, and is often integrated into the heating system. Not only is it used for heat energy, but it can also be used for electrical energy.

There are two main categories of boilers: there is firetube, and the other one is water tube.

Firetube boilers specifically have hot gas passed on in the piping system and are used to heat water flowing through it. Watertube boilers, on the other hand, work by having water flow through the piping system, and it is being heated by surrounding hot gas.

Boilers are used primarily for:

  • Thermal plants
  • Industrial and commercial processes
  • Heating systems
  • Sanitation both in commercial establishments and households
  • Equipment sterilization

However, outdated boilers might have been perceived as of this day. Many still advocate for the usage of boilers, especially people who rely on natural gas to provide heat for their homes.

If you already are using one or contemplating to rent one, then head on to to learn more about boilers and identify what specific one you might need.

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Here are the reasons why a boiler is still the best option to integrate with your heating system, and why you should rent one now:

1. Longer lifespan

Boilers, especially those made from solid materials, are known to last for generations.

Moreover, boilers are more durable, as they have fewer mechanical parts, making them more manageable and easy to repair.

2. Energy Saving

Since a boiler relies on steam to provide heat, electricity is not a problem in this area. Water is a better thermal conductor, significantly when it is transformed into steam or vaporized liquid. Boilers are also known to warm water up faster, and heat retention is longer.

3. Spreads and Radiates Heat More Efficiently

Standard water heaters work by forcing hot air which accumulates in the upper part of a room. This makes air circulation slower, especially when heating a room, and would cause heat in that room or unit to be unevenly spread out. Boilers, on the other hand, are known for spreading heat evenly throughout an area or space.

4. Cheaper Operating Costs

Boilers only have a few moving parts, therefore maintenance is not fussy, and repairs are kept to a minimum; that is also if you regularly have your boiler serviced. Nonetheless, upkeep for a boiler is not that often, and this could also save you time, effort, and especially money when trying to keep it in tip-top shape.

5. Versatility

Not only can a boiler be integrated with your home central heating system for water use, but it could also be utilized for floor heating, especially during the cold season. Your boiler can be integrated with radiant heat, an age-old concept wherein heat is transformed and produced under a home’s floors. This makes heat spread evenly and widely inside the house.

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6. Compact and Secure

Boilers are most often designed to be compact and easy to install in households. You can keep this in your cellar or basement, or you can even install it within a wall inside your house.

7. Eco-friendly and Safe to Use

Since energy derived from using a boiler can be considered natural energy, this could look to be environment-friendly as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, radiant heating produces no by-products such as dust or smoke, which is excellent for household members who have allergies or breathing complications.

8. Zoning Abilities and Programming

A boiler can be designed to provide heat to targeted areas within the house and identify distinct heat zones within the household. For example, if most of your activity and movement is in the kitchen or the living room area, then you can integrate the operation of your boiler to focus on these specific areas of the house,

9. Secured Guarantee

Most modern boilers now usually come with a guarantee period lasting from six to ten years, and some companies even provide free repair service if ever something comes up with your boiler, as long as it is within the guarantee period.

10. Increase in Property Value

Just a tip: having a boiler can increase your property value if you wish to put it out in the market. Since boilers are known for efficiency, energy and money-saving, and versatility, it would be a plus for potential home buyers to consider purchasing the property, knowing that it comes with a trusty boiler system.

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Though there are many ways to heat up your home, a boiler is just as effective. You can expect that a reliable boiler can deliver all your heating needs. For sure, this will significantly help you in providing a warm home for your loved ones, as well as giving you a bang for your buck.

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