12 home decor ideas to transform your home into an abode of solace

Is your home space an ultimate escape? Did you know that you can have a mental vacation right in your own home? Spa-like homes that are a self-care sanctuary is a big trend to bring in calmness into your life. The idea of design as escapism is expanding with craft corners and yoga rooms becoming par for course in home design. Energy healer Seema Midha says that a home is a space to heal. “It’s a space for the rituals that you use to inspire and kick off your day, or in the evening to feel gratitude for the things you accomplished,” she adds. Her advice is to keep the surfaces as free as possible, create morning and evening rituals that energise you – like lighting camphor lamps, cosy plant corners.

Plan an escape

Design your own home as a space which can relax you mentally. Feng Shui expert SBS Surendran says that people are relying more on their home environment to boost their mood and overall sense of wellbeing. According to him, the best homes are spaces where people shut out all the noise. Personal spaces are getting redesigned to bring in more intense wellbeing. In her book The Art of Extreme Self-care, author Cheryl Richardson writes how enjoying a life of self-care means living and working in a soul-nurturing environment. She writes: “Your home space says a lot about you, home should be an oasis of peaceful calm.” Here’s how you can get your home ready for 2020 for wellbeing and good vibes:

Cosy rugs

Pampering your feet is indulgence. Sink your toes into a squishy rug to give your feet some love that goes beyond a DIY pedicure. To add some more joy, get a great pair of slippers — and make sure the plush slippers are always waiting for you in your closet.

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Bedroom basics

The bedroom is a great place to carve out a little space or altar for self. Dedicate it to yourself: keep your collage of memories, a corner with cosy pillows, a place to sit, draw and relax. Make it a work-free zone.

Let there be light

Biophilic design, where you establish deeper connections with nature, is big for 2020. Give up high-tech strategies for these nature-inspired designs that can be found through living spaces, sunrooms, or even simple light shelves. Utilise furniture and accessories as an expression of nature to bring the outdoors in. Elemental accents like wood, stone, ceramics and plants create a sense of balance and connection.

Use mirrors

Exposure to sunlight has no shortage of physical and psychological benefits. Now, strategic use of mirrors allows you to spread sunlight throughout your home, maximising the benefits for you and your family. Mirrors can also open up small or cramped rooms, and latest research says that more mirrors increase happiness index in homes. Keep windows clean to allow light to come in as brightly as possible. Arrange your furniture such that you spend time in a sunlit space.

Work with white

White walls absorb natural light more effectively, further enhancing the brightness and openness of each room. White furnishings and decorations work the same way. Keep more whites for peacefulness.

Avoid clutter

Reduce clutter by packing away things such as books, artwork in storage furniture like sofas with compartments or box beds. Keep fewer cupboards and drawers. With less clutter, you achieve a clean look, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up.

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Bathroom serenity

Use candles, fresh flowers, relaxing music and recessed lighting to create a sanctuary in your bathroom. There’s a growing trend towards upholstered furniture such as quilted chaises and tufted settees in the loo.

Get some plush slippers


To add to some more joy, make sure a pair of plush slippers are always waiting for you in your closet or under your bed.

Cushioning it


Keep lots of throws and back cushions around your home to support your back. It also adds a relaxed vibe to your home. Also invest in a recliner sofa that offers extra comfort. It allows you to take any position that is convenient for you – at the push of a button

Light candles


Create a corner with a side table and scented candles. Add a cosy chair with a comfy throw. Or create a spot in your backyard where you can take in your favourite view from your house. Dedicating a space for self-care can make it easier to step away from the busyness of daily life and check in with yourself. Such spaces are marked by right lighting and a relaxing vibe.

Build a scent ritual


Whether you prefer essential oils, incense, palo santo, or fancy candles or all – make it your own. Certain scents are scientifically proven to boost your mood and lower your cortisol levels.

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