Residents reported at least 17 car break-ins in the parking lot of the Thomas Jefferson Towers where residents park.

People in a large downtown apartment building are scratching their heads and wondering why so many of their cars were damaged Saturday morning.

Residents in the Thomas Jefferson say they woke up to the news of 17 cars being either damaged or broken into overnight.

When you walk on the lot they say you can hardly take a step without seeing broken glass on the ground.

Row after row after row you can find bags taped on cars.

Reece Dodd told ABC 33/40, “It’s pretty aggravating.”

Vince Perez is one of the people whose car window was busted out.

“Ultimately this will get fixed but to come out here and see somebody do this for ultimately no reason makes me kinda disappointed,” says Perez.

After a viewer tip, ABC 33/40 learned from Birmingham Police investigators how extensive the damage could be for residents: thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Reece Dodd is speaking for his friend whose car he patched up with tape.

“I would say it’s just part of living in downtown. I mean I would not be very happy,” says Dodd.

Dodd and another resident say this isn’t the first time cars have been busted into like this.

“I spoke with someone whose labtop was in their front seat and it didn’t get touched. So I am just wondering what they were looking for. Knowing that they hit multiple cars I don’t understand what they were trying to gain. I don’t understand what the outcome was that they wanted,” says Dodd.

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Apartment managers did not says if this type of incident has happened before.

ABC 33/40 called, texted and emailed BPD investigators to learn if any arrests have been made or suspects have been named.

At the time the story aired no new details in the investigation have been released.



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