175 Billion Dollars: Gaming Industry Reaches an All-Time High (Again)

175 Billion Dollars: Gaming Industry Reaches an All-Time High (Again)

All-time highs are no rarity for the gaming industry, each year it reaches a new one. 2021 the estimated worldwide revenues will be near 175 billion Dollars and thus this sector remains the largest digital media category. The global film and music industry can’t compete with it, not even when you add up their sales. And still, the gaming industry is growing fast – faster than all its competitors. The actual growth rates are around 10 %. In 2025 perhaps the 200-billion-mark will be cracked.

What makes Gaming so Interesting for People?

Playing lies in people’s blood, we are born with a strong play instinct which we must live out. By growing up, we are not losing this instinct, we rather hide it inside us because we think it is not appropriate anymore. But in some situations, even adults lose their cover and begin to play without borders. In former times the analogue gaming industry saw this opportunity and created games so thrilling and challenging that they especially attracted grown-ups – with much success. Until now we regularly find new board and card games for adults on the shelves of the toy shops. The digital world took over this trend and formed its own types of games, more extensive and formidable than a physical game ever can be.

Gaming without Borders: A Virtual Feast for Adults

So, the digital gaming industry evolved – and it found millions of fans around the world. Virtual playing even seems to be made mainly for grown-up people, because it always brings new challenges even for the brightest minds. And there are again and again new developments, for example, the link with blockchains.

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How the Gaming Industry Serves its Customers

The digital gaming industry knows exactly how to stay in the minds of its fans, there is no doubt about it. This goal is also achieved by regularly upgrading existent games, implementing new features, enhancing sound and graphics, and improving the all-in-all playing sensation. So, when a new year begins, people are already waiting for the new version of their favorite game, without ever stopping to play the old one. Stagnation would mean losing the players piece by piece, to the competitors. And, in addition, to forego new market shares.

Besides, there are infinitely many branches of this industry that attract different kinds of people. Some like to puzzle and riddle; others need more action to really enjoy themselves. These people prefer to play ego shooters or other adventurous games that beam you into another, exciting dimension. The gaming industry holds something for (nearly) everyone so that only a small minority does not feel addressed by it: a success concept that visibly works!

What about the Future of Gaming?

The digital future begins right now, the industry is still programmed for growth. The strategists behind the scenes have long since discovered virtual and augmented reality for their products. Pokémon Go was the first digital game that mixed reality with the virtual world and millions around the world still love to play it. Virtual reality glasses serve to transport people directly into the digital world. The artificial environment is three-dimensional and walkable, partially you can move objects with your own hands if there are sensors on your fingers. The immersion is nearly perfect, but many gamers are still hesitating to buy the new stuff. For some it is still too expensive, others are waiting for the hardware to improve furthermore.

Whatever may be: The gaming industry will come up with something clever to gain even more attention in the next years. It will be interesting to watch the further progress while enjoying one or another two to a couple of games.

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