2019 New and Future Cars: Lamborghini Urus

Unless you’re a literate example of Armadillidium vulgare, you’ve been inundated with images of and information about the reinvented Rambo Lambo, the Urus. Lamborghini’s second-ever SUV, the Urus is much more Lambo than Rambo this time around, though it’s still happy to do its 641-hp business in the dirt. Roomy, comfortable, and useful are not typical Lamborghini descriptors, but the Italian bull fanciers somehow managed to cram in all of those traits plus a sufficient dose of over-the-top fun for the whole family.

On the track during our first drive, the Urus acquitted itself well, especially for an SUV. On the road, the Lambo crossover’s flexibility and comfort shined through. Tackling a dirt rally-style course, we found the Urus to be remarkably fun to drive: “Here, the Lamborghini’s variable all-wheel-drive system has its chance to truly shine, allowing big-throttle wallops to sling the tail around like a Coolidge-era bootlegger, with digital witchery managing torque, slip angle, and more. Genuine fun—just don’t forget the protective wrap for the neurasthenic paint.”

There’s more to come from Lamborghini in the next few years, too, with the aging Aventador due for a replacement. That replacement is likely to be electrified in some way, though it’s not clear if that means a milder hybrid setup, a plug-in, or some form of full-EV capability. Our bet? The V-12 engine will stay put, but it’ll be joined by a hybrid system, possibly 48-volt, to lighten the emissions load.

Whichever path Lamborghini takes to electrification, you can bet the eventual Huracán replacement will get a version of it, too, mated to a revised V-10, though there’s always a chance Lamborghini could drop the cylinder count and go turbo. Fortunately, both Lamborghini and its fans have some time; the Aventador replacement isn’t expected until 2020 or so, and the Huracán could continue in its current form through 2024 or beyond.

On sale: Late 2018
Base price: $200,000 (est)


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