3 Businesses That Have Stood the Tests of Time

3 Businesses That Have Stood the Tests of Time

The spread of Covid-19 has triggered a long list of unprecedented problems for businesses with many forced to move their operations online and manage their workforces remotely, or worse yet, close down indefinitely.

This makes it an incredibly scary time to be running a business, but you mustn’t give up.

There are still consumers out there, who need you now more than ever. Not just to provide them with valuable products, but to uplift and support them during these uncertain times.

To help spur you on in your corporate endeavours, let’s take a look at three businesses that have stood the tests of time.

1. Coca-Cola

Soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola has a rich history that goes all the way back to 1886, where the delicious drink was sold over the counter at an Atlanta pharmacy. Nowadays it’s the world’s best-selling fizzy drink.

Key ingredients in the company’s longevity have been powerful marketing campaigns that have become cemented in popular culture. The brand is even said to have contributed to the transition from green to red in Santa Claus’ suit.

As well as this, the company shown an unnerving commitment to forming meaningful connections with its customers. For example, a recent Coca-cola campaign was rolled out in Western Europe with core aims that included tackling prominent social issues and uniting the world – the sort of purpose-driven brand behaviour modern customers love.

2. Twinings

Tea specialists Twinings have been serving consumers with tasty tea products since 1706.

Differentiation has played an integral part in the long-term success of the business, with values such as challenging the status quo of tea driving the company to widen its product offering to include an impressive range of product types and flavours.

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Also, Twining’s is a company that’s well and truly moved with the times, embracing the importance of digital technology in its marketing plan. For instance, in 2009 it launched its website and in 2011 it set up a business profile on Facebook to widen its online reach.

3. Ormiston Wire

Wire manufacturer Ormiston Wire is a business that has survived recessions, countless changes in consumer behaviour and even World War bombings.

Founded in 1793, the business first focused on producing spring-wire for wigs and corsets. Fast forward to 2020 and the company is still going strong, having found innovative ways to push the boundaries of wire production.

One of the company’s most notable projects was providing the wire that was used to animate the puppets in the much-loved 1960’s TV series Thunderbirds. As well as this, the company has provided wire for installations and architectural projects at prominent venues such as Heathrow Airport and Kew Gardens.

We hope that our discussion of these three terrific time-tested businesses has provided you with some hope and inspiration during these shaky times and that your business is able to survive this challenging period.

What other businesses have stood the tests of time? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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