3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Sales Expert

3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Sales Expert

When asked more than 95% of all marketers wanted to be better at sales. For most people, though that’s easier said than done. Selling much like dancing takes practice, patience, and the right instructor. Today, I will be talking about how to find and utilise sales techniques to the fullest so you can join the masses of marketers who can close a deal without stress.

Let’s dive in.

#1: Training

To be good at something you need to train but truth be told not every sale course is built the same. In fact, most training courses teach you outdated sales approaches that have little relevance in 2020. Pearl Lemon Sales offers a unique program that integrates the following critical elements:

  • Strategy
  • Psychology
  • People Skills
  • Best Practices

Pearl Lemon Sales provides expert sales trainers so you and your whole team can use the latest tested sales techniques to close. This means increasing sales by up to two-hundred per cent!

#2: Cold Calling

The dreaded cold call as it usually called can be annoying to receive and even worse to make. The stats, however, show that cold calling is still a great way to sell your product if you do the proper legwork. Before you dial the phone, you will need to do proper prospecting. 

This should include an amount of due diligence where you research who you are selling to and why. For example, if you provide a SaaS product to help companies increase their email marketing reach – it would make sense to know what they are currently using and what can be improved.

Compare the following:

Bad cold call – Hi George, I am calling from MY company, to tell you about ME and what I do. (George hangs up here)

Great cold call – Hi there George, I noticed you are currently using ABC for your email marketing which means you can only access 12% of your market. Our latest FREE platform can increase that to 43% – let’s schedule a meeting so I can demo what makes us different.

As you can see with just a little bit of research you can connect with your customer and suggest a solution that makes sense for their company.

#3: Dealing with Objections

Okay, you made your pitch things seem to be going well and then they have an objection. When I was a sales trainer, I always told my reps to think of an objection as a question, and a question infers interest.

Instead of letting objections create fear and concern, they should boost your confidence as now they are engaged.

At Pearl Lemon Sales you will learn how to receive objections and answer the right question. A trained salesperson knows that you never speak to the objections but rather provide more information and specific tips as to how your product or service will improve, increase, build up their business.

If you are ready to make sales and are sick of hang-ups, check out a legitimate sales training programme today!

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