3 Measures That Assure Proven Customer Retention for Your Mobile App

Technology is being evolved at a rapid pace than one could imagine. So far, there have been 197 million mobile app downloads and this figure is likely to reach 353 billion pretty soon. Increasing digital presence and transformation are the root causes of the rapid growth of app users.

Irrespective of the booming users and the apps it is difficult to retain them. A lot of hard efforts are put to design an app and the same is required to reach and retain the users.

For once, you might reach a potential user but it is tricky to retain them. This is a common issue experienced by budding as well as renowned organizations.

3 Measures That Assure Proven Customer Retention for Your Mobile App

Discussed here are a few factors that you must consider to retain your app users:

Fresh Content

A majority of apps are uninstalled or hardly used within the first week of installation. The main reason for this is- lack of fresh content. If you intend your users to visit your app regularly offer them original and fresh content.

You can update users with the latest trends (for your industry), season sale, your achievements, loyalty program, user-generated photos, and such other information. Fresh and interactive can compel users to stick to your app. This will turn their occasional visits into frequent stopovers.

A series of fresh content can hook the user to your app. You can produce fresh content only when you know and understand your target audience. This knowledge helps you to choose topics that interest your audience.

Send simple welcome messages to the new users and keep them posted about your app. This can increase user engagement in some time.

App Accessibility

Users excitedly download apps and when they are greeted with a slow app they get disappointed. This is yet another significant cause for app uninstallation. Most users expect the app to process within 2 seconds and give quick access to them. If they don’t get so then they abandon the app. There are only a few users who make a second or third attempt to use the app.

Besides, too many details to fill out right at the start of the installation can be confusing and irritating for the user. When consumers are held right at the entrance for too much information they are likely to leave the app on the spot.

You will have to design the app in such a manner that you naturally gain information from the user at different levels. For instance, at the beginning of the installation, you can get basic information about the user. When they happen to use the app for a month, learn more about their preferences.

But, remember, consumers prefer a short onboarding process that is quick and less painful to them.

You can acquire consumer insights through their continuous interaction with your app. These insights can further help you to offer customized services to the consumer.

Increase your App’s life

Your app is designed to satisfy the specific needs of the customer. The main purpose of the app is to accomplish those needs. But, make sure that the app doesn’t solely focus on it.

There are several other attributes associated with the app that can be offered to your customers. For instance, the fundamental task of a digital marketing firm is to build a digital presence. However, they also offer content marketing, SEO, graphics and many such other services to their clients.

If the app solely focuses on one function it is likely to die a natural death with only a finite number of users and the same information. However, when you include additional attributes to it, you can offer more to the existing customers and approach new ones.

Besides, feedback from the customers can help you to choose the right additional services to offer. Appreciate their feedback and revert them if a response is required. You can research future prospects of the app before you start the mobile app development process. Test and re-runs of apps can help you to launch a user-friendly app.

Simultaneously, it is important to maintain your app design. An old and outdated app is likely to attract potential customers. And, the existing customers would be unhappy to use an old app.

Apart from these, loyalty programs can also help you to retain customers. This program can help customers to engage effectively with the app. Design a program that benefits both-the app and the customers. This can also increase the number of users. Customized notifications sent at the right time to the user can develop their interest in your app.


There are several measures that you can take in order to retain the users. The nature of the app, the target audience, and the technology used are some other factors that are to be considered for consumer retention.

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