3 of the Best Destinations for Business Travel with Leisure Time (Bleisure)

3 of the Best Destinations for Business Travel with Leisure Time (Bleisure)

The main goal for business travel is, of course, business. But who said you couldn’t enjoy yourself while you’re there? That’s where the term “bleisure” has risen. This is the combination of business and leisure travel. The concept of bleisure travel is gaining popularity. Hence why we have gathered a list of five of the best destinations for your upcoming bleisure trip.

1. Tokyo

Japan’s capital city is the place to be for the ultimate bleisure travel. A city with almost fourteen million inhabitants, is the best destination for business and leisure in East Asia. This is because Tokyo is the home of some of the largest companies in tech, automotives and manufacturing. A great place for doing business one might say. Another reason to go to Tokyo is the great transport infrastructure. With two major airports and fast public transportation, it’s a great joy for the business traveler. But the city has also seen a big growth of tourism in the last few years. The city is excellent for leisure because of the many Michelin restaurants, beautiful skylines, great historical sites and culture and it being one of the safest cities in Asia. 

2. Paris

Paris is mostly portrayed as a city where you go for a romantic getaway. But nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that Paris has the biggest business quarter of the world? It’s called La Défense and it has many skyscrapers and office buildings. You’d almost think you’re wandering over the streets of New York. But when your hotel is located in the area of La Défense, there are many things to do. If you’re an art lover, this particular area has over 60 sculptures of modern artworks to glaze at. When you’re done admiring the city, there are many bars and restaurants in this area where you can sit down and experience outstanding gastronomy. Because you know what they say, Parisians love their food, drinks, art and of course fashion. That’s another reason to visit Paris. Down the street of La Défense, there is the Champs Elysee, one of the greatest shopping streets of the whole world. So, for the sake of bleisure, Paris is an excellent choice. 

3. London

London might be thé city when you think about business trips and city trips. That’s why it’s on the list of the three best destinations for a leisure trip. With their top notch public transport and multiple airports, it is very easy to get around. London is also known for its legendary hotels with breathtaking luxury treatments. Try to stay at the hotel for one night and be pampered by the spa options the hotel serves. And definitely don’t forget to dip into the jacuzzi afterwards. All freshened and cleaned up you can easily go shopping in all the high street or high end boutiques the next morning. There’s plenty of fashion shops, markets and malls around. During your shopping day, consider wandering around to see some of the best sights. After all, have you really been to London if you’ve not seen The Big Ben or Buckingham Palace? Right! 

Planning a bleisure trip? We hope you take inspiration from these three cities. 

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