3 Reasons Marijuana Black Market is Here to Stay

Cannabis is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Especially in the last five years, the sales of this compound have skyrocketed like never before. With a staggering net worth of around $1 billion, this compound is all set to join the $5 billion club in the future. If you have been following this industry for a lot of time, you must have noticed that marijuana sales in the black market haven’t stopped. Despite much awareness across the globe about its health benefits, still, several countries across the globe haven’t decided to legalize it. In fact, states that have joined hands together to legalize this compound have suffered a severe backlash from the critics. Because marijuana has over 500 million fans across the globe, its sale and purchase in the black markets won’t come down any sooner. Here are a few strong reasons for it:

person holding paper on kush

1. Marijuana is Mainstream

One of the leading reasons, a lot of people continue to trade marijuana in black markets is because it is mainstream. With much advancement in science and technology, consumers are aware of the mind-boggling benefits of this compound. If you would have gone through the search engine to find out some interesting facts about this compound, seldom would you come across valuable content. Now, much research has applauded marijuana for its health benefits and has given it a thumbs up for its medicinal uses. Today, marijuana is infused in foods, drinks, beverages, skin care products, medicines, and a lot more. This is the reason, in countries where it is illegal, the citizens tend to purchase it from the black markets.

2. Supply Issues With Canada

There’s no running away from the fact, Canada was one of the first countries to join the bandwagon of legalizing hemp. This is the main reason, the skyrocketing demand for marijuana over there is not being able to equate itself with the supply. Despite a lot of vendors selling this drug over the web, the demand is an all-time high. Furthermore, as this country houses a lot of critics, it is common for controversy to spark at some point in time. Secondly, you have to understand, there are few areas in Canada, which have issued a green light signal to marijuana. This signifies, not all the states are in coherence with the hemp trade. So unless the entire nation doesn’t come together in support of this compound, the black markets will continue to channel their activities. A few months back, when posters chanting “I Love Growing Marijuana shop” were carried by supporters, they enraged many critics.

3. Slow Dispensary Approval Process

Because marijuana is still striving to find a secure space in the medical industry as a drug, many store owners haven’t taken it seriously. In fact, the approval process at many pharmacies is extremely slow. If you compare Canada and America, the approval process in both countries is an archaic procedure and same. This gives an opportunity for the black market companies to jump in and to provide netizens with what they want. Because Canada and the US are two major hubs of hemp, people continue to demand this herb in high quantity every year. So unless the state doesn’t act as a catalyst in improving the speed of the approval process, the marijuana black market is here to stay.

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