3 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Generator for Your Business

In 1925, 50% of homes in the United States had electricity. Since 1990, the percentage of homes and businesses that have access to electricity has doubled and the demand for electricity has also increased. Almost all businesses in North America rely on electric power in order to operate.

Businesses typically receive electric power through the power grid. Power outages can interfere with this supply. Power companies may schedule power disruptions to perform maintenance. Companies will receive advance notice when disruption is scheduled and have time to prepare, but outages can also occur without warning. Unexpected outages can be caused by accidents, fires, excessive demand, and natural disasters.

Generators are machines designed to provide electric power. Residential generators can be used to supply power to a home. Commercial generators are equipped to provide more power to a larger facility, such as a business or hospital. Welland Power sells Perkins engine parts UK for commercial generators that are designed to supply power to businesses to enable them to continue operating during an outage. The Perkins diesel engine is designed to run on diesel and can be automatically activated to start and stop running as needed. Businesses in remote areas can also use these commercial generators as their regular power supply.

Crucial problems that businesses without commercial generators can experience are explored here. Companies that install diesel generators can prevent these issues and continue to operate safely and effectively.

1. Prevent Delays

When a business loses power it may be unable to continue operating. Cash registers, freezers, computers, and machinery all rely on electric power to function. Staff in a grocery store may be unable to use their scanners to process orders or connect to banks or credit card companies to authorize purchases. Office workers will not be able to access computer files or use the Internet. Machinery used for manufacturing will not operate.

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Your place of work will also not have heat or air conditioning during a power outage. You may be required to send staff home in a prolonged power outage because of environmental factors.

2. Preserve Data

Most businesses use computers and many companies have employees that rely on computers for most or all of their duties. Computers are used for a wide range of tasks, including designing and maintaining websites, processing orders, reviewing job applications, and corresponding with clients, investors, business partners, and staff.

A power outage can damage files and prevent staff from saving their current work. Maintaining a power supply ensures staff has access to pertinent data and the ability to continue to update files without concerns about losing data.

3. Provide Safety and Security

Workplaces must maintain a safe working environment. Without power, employees and clients can be injured if they have to move without lighting. Ventilation systems also run on electricity. Harmful toxins may build up in factories if the ventilation systems stop operating. Commercial generators are also professionally installed by electricians and connected directly to your company’s power grid. They are safer to use than portable generators, which can produce harmful toxins if they are not installed correctly.

Security systems also rely on electric power. Cameras and sensors are used to monitor facilities to prevent unlawful access. Companies that lose power are vulnerable to thieves and vandals.

Bonus: Avoid Losses

Your company will lose sales if it is unable to operate for any period of time. Potential clients who cannot complete purchases may go to a competitor if they have a time-sensitive need. This can result in a loss of revenue for your business.

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Companies also lose money when staff is unable to perform their duties. Power outages can prevent employees from completing a wide range of tasks. If data is lost they may need to repeat tasks they already performed, which will cost your company time and money. Your company may also be sued if staff or clients are injured due to a lack of lighting or other issues caused by a power outage.

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