3 Remote Opportunities For Your Business

3 Remote Opportunities For Your Business

Many businesses have had to adopt remote working due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.

But the future of this new office set up could open more doors than it closes, leading the way to new business opportunities.

The immediacy with which the changes had to be enacted often mean the process wasn’t entirely smooth, but in the future, enterprises which can fully develop an efficient remote working model will see improvements in many areas of business.

With that in mind, here are just three unmissable remote opportunities which can shape the future of your business.

1. Go Remote with your Workforce

If you’re making plans to return the office, you might want to reconsider.

Obviously a 100% remote workforce is not universally viable, but for many companies it has been just as efficient – in some cases, even more so – than working in the office.

This isn’t a purely speculative conclusion – in fact, studies have proven that working from home can increase productivity. There are a number of reasons for this – for one thing, the office is a far more distracting environment than many realise and eliminating these interruptions gives employees the chance to focus on their output.

Employees are also often eager to prove that they’re genuinely effectively when based at home and this often leads to increased dedication and voluntary overtime. Whilst employers must ensure that staff are not overworking to the point of potential burnout, these behaviours contribute to greater output, better performance and an overall improvement to efficiency.

This model is also highly cost-effective, as businesses save on overheads such as rent, office bills and equipment.

2. Think Outside of the (Recruitment) Box

When your office is remote, location is no longer a factor in the hiring process.

You’re no longer restricted in hiring workers within a certain radius. Instead, you’re able to recruit from anywhere in the country.

Businesses aspiring towards globalisation can even consider hiring in international markets. Aside from the inherent benefits of maximising your access to talent, international remote employees can bring with them insider understandings of international markets.

Recruitment is a difficult process but eliminating the restriction of location can make it significantly easier.

3. Consider International Opportunities

This is a personal investment as well as a professional one.

Citizenship by investment schemes enable business opportunities across the world. In return for investment into a country’s economy, for instance via the property market, the investor is granted residency rights in that country.

Property Lisbon are leading experts when it comes to helping buyers find the right property investment for them to acquire citizenship by investment in Portugal and the Golden Visa in Portugal is widely recognised as one of the best schemes of its kind. It requires a minimum stay of only seven days in the country to maintain the visa, meaning investors are not obliged to remain in the country, but are offered the flexible to travel in and out without will – an ideal arrangement for businesses carrying out remote operations.

Follow these three opportunities and you’ll skilfully leverage remote working opportunities for your business.

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