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3 Stock Screening Tools Every Trader Should Know About

3 Stock Screening Tools Every Trader Should Know About

Picking a suitable stock screening tool from so many choices is a difficult task. It is stressful and time-consuming, and the tool will help in picking the right stocks. Sorting the best stocks from thousands of options becomes easier when you have a screener complementing your investment objectives. It will help in evaluating stocks and making logical decisions that will turn out to be fruitful. If you are not aware of the top stock screening tools that every trader must look for, are:

1. VIG

This real-time stock screener can create and export custom stock screens. It can track and analyze all metrics easily with the help of Stock Radar Screener. The easy-to-use stock screener provides real-time and rich stock data. It has technical indicators, price, and volume, Fundamental and Ref parameters that you can use. The best thing about the platform is you can start using it for free to explore all options.

It has real-time screening and scanning options, and the site is exceptionally fast. VIG helps in finding opportunities that otherwise you might not have noticed.

2. Trade-Ideas

You can save 25% on a subscription on this site, and it is valid till the 31st of October 2021. It gives a wealth of preset scans that you can combine and customize as per your criteria. Trade-Ideas works with Canadian and US stock exchanges, but most of its features need a premium subscription. Investors can look for how each stock has performed previously and then decide where to invest. It uses fundamental, technical, and social data to scan thousands of trading opportunities.

3. Atom Finance

The main objective of Atom Finance is to deliver institutional-level power and retail-level usability. You can connect to several other brokerage accounts and prepare a bird’ eye view of the entire investment portfolio through this platform. You can see your full asset allocation here, so it is counted as an advanced stock screening tool. It helps in researching individual stocks beginning with real-time stock quotes and other financial news feeds. Atom Finance includes several other premium features like price change explanations, analysts’ commentary. Price target updates and equity research summaries.

Benefits of Using a Stock Screener

Now that you understand the top three stock screeners available in the market, it’s time to check out a few of their advantages. With that, you can pick up a platform to start using it at the earliest.

  • Eliminates Emotional Biased Decisions: While evaluating stocks using the specific screen, you can avoid making emotional-based decisions. It eliminates illogical decisions, and based on logical parameters; the top stocks will get filtered.
  • Presents New Investment Opportunities: A stock screener will filter the new investment opportunities and shortlist those that meet your requirements. In that way, you can avoid unpopular stocks and select worthy ones.

In the End

Start looking for a suitable stock screener now, which will guide you to make the right investment choice. With that, you do not have to waste time looking for unnecessary stocks. Hence, you do not have to waste time and start looking for options.

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