3 Top Tips to Boost Your PR Efforts

3 Top Tips to Boost Your PR Efforts

Are you struggling with PR and getting more mentions from large publications? Look no further.

In this guide, we cover the 3 top tips on boosting your PR efforts that even the best PR agency in London won’t tell you.

Let’s dive in.

1. Create Viral Content

The first step to a successful PR strategy is to create content that is viral. What do I mean by viral? I mean that it’s interesting enough to be shared and catches the attention of tens of thousands of people. It has to be something out of the ordinary, something that perhaps has a “wow factor” to it.

A lot of times this isn’t that difficult to create. There are several ways that you could create viral content. First, you could visualize data in creative ways where you summarize decades of trends in your industry. Second, you could create the most comprehensive guide to a particular topic and share it widely. Third, you could donate or participate in a really interesting cause and get some free publicity that way.

Whatever your method for creating viral content, if you do it right it will work wonders for your business and PR efforts.

But how do you contact journalists?

That brings us to our next step.

2. Conduct Cold Email Outreach

The most effective way to contact journalists is by using cold email outreach. There are several really great tools for this like Mailshake or Lemlist where you can plug in a list of names and emails and create a series of emails that will be sent automatically.

The best part is that you can customize and personalize these emails. Make them short and sweet. Add a few sentences about the journalist’s work to show them that you’ve actually read some of their content. And then send out 5-6 emails, 5-7 days apart.

If you’re not sure where to get these journalists’ emails then I suggest you look at some online database tools. For example, you could use PressHunt which is a great tool that contains thousands of journalists and their emails. You can literally export the list, plug it into your cold email tool and voila! You’ve got automatic outreach.

You don’t need to be the best PR agency in London to have effective outreach. You can do it by following our simple formula.

3. Use Social Media

Last but not least, it’s time for social media!

Journalists are humans too and they love social media. To make your cold email outreach even more effective, go online and make personal connections with these journalists. Now, obviously don’t message them on those channels that they use for their personal lives. But often they use Twitter as a platform to share their content so definitely reach out there and just say hey!

Start engaging with these journalists and their articles on the various social media platforms. Don’t be spammy or salesy. Be genuine, authentic, and provide value in your comments. Don’t just through compliments left and right and expect a free mention.


If you want to be successful in your PR efforts it’s time to embrace some new technologies. First, create some viral content using visual imagery and video elements. Next, use a cold email outreach tool. And finally, create some authentic connections with journalists on the various social media platforms that they are using.

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