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It was seen coming. Refined fuel price hikeGasoline and diesel, in particular, have caused temporary changes in drivers’ habits, but have also conditioned their future shopping preferences. This is famous demand destruction As analysts were talking about, it is one thing to reduce consumption of a good or service, and quite another to choose not to consume it again in the present or future.

what car? Have once again conducted a survey to know about the future buying trends. This year, 21% of the surveyed consumers already preferred to buy an electric car, 38% Keep Them in Mind Now, and 41% say they prefer to continue using the thermal model. Or is it so, 59% of the sample consider buying an electric car.

This is well above the UK market figures today. So far this year, with six months of data, 16% of new car registrations correspond to fully electric versions, compared to 11% in the first half of 2021. Therefore, electric cars have increased their relative sales (share) by 50% from 2021 to 2022.

Plug-in hybrid sales in the UK are flat, falling 5.4% during May. Two pure electric cars are registered for each plug-in hybrid

Marie, Nissan e-NV200 . the owner of

Of those surveyed, 88% increased their weekly fuel costs. 31% reported spending £10-20 more per week, 26% estimated £20-30 more; Serve as a reference that to convert 10 pounds is about 12 euros. The rest of the samples increased their expenditure even more by 88%.

Respondents also mentioned how they have tried to check rising fuel bills. 53% reduced the distances they usually walked. Of those who reduced the distance, 57% shortened their weekly trips to between 32 and 80 km, and 21% traveled 80 to 160 km less. Part of this explains why 12% of those surveyed did not increase their spending on fuel, would use the car very little or already have an electric car.

Driving around in an electric car in the UK today It is 10 times cheaper per kilometer or mile traveled Compared to using gasoline or diesel. There was a dress rehearsal of the situation last year, when some petrol stations ran out of fuel for days due to logistical problems arising from Brexit, with prices nowhere near as high as £2 a litre. The search for electric cars is skyrocketing.

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