3rd Future Cities Show to facilitate global investments in smart city solutions

Host emirate – Dubai, leads the technological revolution in the region by establishing Smart Dubai as the lead government agency to propel the city to become the world’s first blockchain-powered government by 2020. Additionally, the city aims to become the world’s hub for 3D printing, and to reach 25% driverless transportation by the year 2025.

Dubai’s futuristic vision is shared globally. International governments, cities, and corporations have new age technological innovation ideas, but they need to pull in investments to harness the full potential of their smart city infrastructure and its relevance- from technology base to special application, public usage, and experience. The 3rd edition of FCS bridges this gap by linking them with investors who are keen to support creative ideas using disruptive technology during the three-day exclusive event. The event anticipates participants from over 20 countries.

FCS encourages the participation of countries, cities, and corporations with smart city solutions that involve the use of Artificial Intelligence in its application. These projects address the challenges of technology adoption by multiple sectors including agriculture, call centers, customer experience, energy and mining, healthcare, intellectual property, information and communication, technology, manufacturing, retail, and software development. Investment in AI is expected to reach USD 89.9 billion by 2025 worldwide, with growing investment interest in quantum computing. This will enable faster processing of larger complex algorithms.

Blockchain, or digitization of asset management, has been attracting investment interests with an anticipated global investment reaching USD 300 billion. Among the sectors benefiting from blockchain ideas are banking and financial institutions, critical infrastructure security, internet advertising, crypto exchanges, education and academia, industrial IoT, real estate, supply chain management, government and public records, retail, human resources, law enforcement, business, and corporate governance.

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Projects on smart mobility, benefiting transportation technology, electric mobility, driverless cars, public transportation, smart parking, and traffic management, can take advantage of the investment reaching USD 57.44 billion globally.

Participants with smart infrastructure projects can maximize the USD 3.7 trillion global investment, which is expected to be infused until 2035, providing a competitive advantage for increased efficiency of the economy, transportation, public order and protection, utilities, roads and bridges. The global investment will also be utilized to develop underground technology, BIM/GIS, drainage and sewerage, sensors, monitoring technologies, green building solutions, lighting.

Sustainability projects that are genuinely focused on the environment, education, mobility, security, commerce and trade, transportation, and energy – among other sectors – can tap the global sustainability investment of USD 22.89 trillion.

Mr. Al Shezawi further commented, “There is a fundamental takeaway when supporting disruptive technologies at this early stage. By investing in smart city solutions now, you are funding the future. It’s all about getting there first and then subsequently enjoying exponential returns on investment.”

FCS 2018 has attracted over 20,000 visitors and 70 exhibitors and the 2019 edition will be co-located with Annual Investment Meeting and AIM Start-up for an enhanced experience. For online registration, please visit our website:; or send an inquiry to

About Future Cities Show

The 3rd edition of the Future Cities Show is set to take place on April 8-10, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The show highlights the latest and the most innovative technologies, which could change the future.

FCS 2018 has attracted over 20,000 visitors and 70 exhibitors and the 2019 edition will be co-located with Annual Investment Meeting and AIM Start-up for an enhanced experience.

The Future Cities Show is a great platform for local and international institutions from various industries to showcase their latest technologies which redefine the way we live. The show focuses on three pillars which are sustainability, innovation, and happiness.

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