4 Classic Cars That Always Go Up in Value

4 Classic Cars That Always Go Up in Value

Collecting classic cars is usually quite an expensive hobby that requires a lot of investment. However, if you want to start this activity you do not have to be a millionaire. Yet, what you need is an ability to spot future classic early, and always check the reseller websites where you can find cars for sale. In recent years, the value of several German and Japanese cars made in the 1980s has risen sharply, and experts predict that it will increase even more.

We have made a list of four cars that have doubled in value over the past five years. Though, it is essential to mention that buyers should know how important it is where the car is purchased and how much it will cost to renovate it. Cars that are not in good condition are dramatically cheap, and rust is the enemy of every car collector.

Honda NSX Coupe (1991)

Honda NSX Coupe has been produced since 1990 till late 2005. During these years, Honda lovers from all around the world have purchased almost 18 thousand models. The car has not been changed a lot throughout this period, and recently the manufacturer announced that they are planning to release a new NSX model. Experts say that the price of NSX in 2010 was $35,200, and now it has risen to $52,300.

Ferrari Testarossa Coupe (1984)

Ferrari Testarossa Coupe became extremely well-known and popular after the TV series “CSI: Miami”. As a result, the price of the model has risen a million dollars. Though, now the car costs around $60,000. Although, in 2012, Monterey, someone has bought the model for $264,000.

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Porsche 928 GTS Coupe (1993)

Porsche cars have always had a great reputation, and it continues to be the truth until these days. In 2006, the Luxury Institute in New York has even awarded Porsche as the most prestigious car brand. When Porsche introduced 928 GTS Coupe, its price was $28,000. Though, taking into account its sporty capabilities, now the value of a car in excellent condition has risen to $ 68,700.

Datsun 2000 Convertible (1967)

Datsun 2000 Convertible was first launched in the late 1970s. The model has inherited body lines from the Nissan Z series. In the first year, production was limited, and the price of Datsun 2000 Convertible was around $3,000. Though, a very similar 1968 Datsun 1600 was sold for $50,000 in one auction in 2014.

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