4 Customer-Centric Website Designs From Different Sectors

Customer-Centric Website Designs From Different Sectors

Several different digital marketing disciplines feed into web design – from content to visual aesthetics and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

But UX (User Experience) is one of the most important. While SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) might drive traffic to your website, if customers are confused by a landing page that doesn’t seem relevant to what they’re searching for, makes finding the relevant information tricky or is harder to navigate than a mind-bending maze in the dark, they’ll quickly dump you for a more savvy competitor.

In some ways your web design will be dictated by your branding and the conventions of your sector, but generally, the simpler the better – for online customers, simplicity equates to beauty.

Here are four customer-centric website designs to help you get started.

1. Creative Branding

If you’re a creative branding agency, you better be sure that your website provides the perfect first impression of your aesthetic values, otherwise it’ll be a total turn-off to potential customers.

But Glasgow-based creatives MadeBrave get it bang-on with their home page. Everything – from the clean typography and subtle logo to the way they’ve filtered the background video so it’s lively without being an assault on the senses – screams style, confidence and creativity.

2. Air Travel

Leonardo Da Vinci said that ‘simplicity is the greatest sophistication’ and iconic airline Southwest has certainly adopted that adage in its web design.

It’s so straightforward that critics might unknindly describe it as utilitarian, but by giving customers what they want, when they want it (such as the search box being the first thing they encounter), it has a basic beauty all of its own and is fantastically functional.

 3. Car Hire

Eye-tracking and heat mapping technology confirm that the hotspots on a web page are at the top and left of the page, therefore this is usually where the most important information should be placed.

And car hire firm Enjoy Travel follows this principle perfectly with its landing pages, because its search box is right in the sweet spot, meaning customers don’t have to scroll to find the most vital information and can consequently compare car rental choices in a click.

4. Beer

While beer is primarily about the taste, many modern beers are marketing a lifestyle as well as a product.

And this principle rings particularly true for Scottish craft beer mavericks BrewDog, who are famous for their uncompromising punky persona and wild publicity stunts. Their website delivers exactly what their loyal fans expect, with bold colours, funky graphics and turbocharged copywriting where similes and metaphors are as hyperbolic as possible in order to whip you into such a frenzy that your need one of their signature hoppy ales to slake your thirst.

Take some tips from these customer-centric websites and your own site will soon be converting consumers to customers and boosting your bank balance – you can thank us later!

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