4 Reasons to Try LinkGraph Instead of FatJoe

Are you looking for the best link building service to boost your organic traffic, but can’t decide where your money will be best spent? You’re not alone—there are dozens of link building services out there that boast being the best at what they do, and the choices can get a little overwhelming.

Once you’ve looked into a comparison of the two services, it’s easy to see why you should try LinkGraph instead of FatJoe—because LinkGraph is both the link service you need and the link service you deserve. Here are four of the biggest reasons you’d do better to use LinkGraph than FatJoe.

4 Reasons to Try LinkGraph Instead of FatJoe

Original Pieces vs Editing Existing Content

FatJoe features creators and helps find relevant sites to link with existing content on your blog or website. This strategy works, but not nearly as well as it should, and certainly not as well as creating new content for each of your links. Since Google reindexes newer content far more often than older content, you’re more likely to bring in organic content and stay relevant while avoiding Google penalties by using LinkGraph for your website content.

Since Google crawlers are becoming more adept at spotting backlink manipulation, if you simply edit a blog post or page to include a new link the integrity of your site could be compromised. LinkGraph doesn’t cut corners like this, so you know that you’re getting quality placements that will help your traffic instead of hurt it. Plus, with truly original content, you’re legitimately serving your audience anytime your backlinks appear.

LinkGraph has higher standards than FatJoe.

Since LinkGraph uses original content and writers, LinkGraph’s content is up to much higher standards than you’d get from your average guest post. Their writers comprise a wide variety of backgrounds, from industry insiders and journalists to veteran bloggers and content strategists. This ensures that whatever content gets created to boost your SEO is done with the style and voice that matches the website your backlinks will appear on. From publications like Forbes and the New York Times to smaller blogs with a wide following, your placements and content will truly shine thanks to an editorial team that doesn’t compromise on quality.

LinkGraph goes above and beyond when it comes to domain authority.

Speaking of not compromising on quality, when it comes to getting you the DA (domain authority) scores you need to really make an impact, LinkGraph offers unparalleled service, bar none. Thanks to the fact that LinkGraph performs genuine outreach to high-quality sites, your backlinks will appear on blogs and websites with an active userbase and contextually relevant content. Best of all, while many other SEO companies (FatJoe included) only offer their clients up to 40 or 50 domain authority scores for your backlinks, LinkGraph can get you backlinks on sites that rank upwards of 90 for their DA. Even getting a backlink in the 60 or 70 domain authority range can make a huge difference in your website’s SEO when compared to scores of 30 or 40, making LinkGraph far superior to FatJoe.

LinkGraph offers a customer dashboard, too.

Many businesses love transparency and so they’re quite thrilled to know that FatJoe has a customer dashboard that helps them easily monitor their SEO efforts. Anyone who uses LinkGraph can also attest to the importance of such tools—since LinkGraph offers a customer dashboard, too! From comparing keyword rankings prior to and after a link campaign to tracking your campaign’s progress in real-time, you’ll get plenty of features that make the inner data geek in you to squeal with delight when you take a look at the powerful, award-winning optimization tools you get to access by using LinkGraph for your SEO.

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