4 Tips on Using Custom Stickers to Compliment Your Social Media Marketing

Finally, we’re in 2021 full of optimism & with big growth plans. Then the next national lockdown starts 🙁

But we won’t let that get us down. We’ve got targets to smash & a bonus to collect!

So how do we do it? Is social media marketing helping you to grow? Is your brand seeing sky-high returns on social media marketing?

Just over half of marketers say they see a positive ROI from organic social media marketing, source.

If we contrast that to a 15X average return reported by Harvard for a referral campaign, maybe we should be trying other ideas to complement our social strategy.

We are here to give you ideas to complement your social media marketing. Something you may not have thought of yet. Introducing custom stickers.

When we say stickers, we mean real, physical stickers. Something that looks like this:

4 Tips on Using Custom Stickers to Compliment Your Social Media Marketing

And taking into account the considerable ROI from a referral campaign, we’ll focus on how to use stickers to increase your referrals.

Let’s jump right in.

Why not try giving away stickers as a gift.

Stickers are great due to their low cost and that they’re not always perceived to be advertising. If you give people a sticker in the right circumstances, they will see it as a gift.

Gift giving is an established tactic to grow sales because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity.

Baring in mind the power of gifts, why not try sending some of your customers a personal letter saying thanks for being a loyal customer and include a holographic sticker.

They may stick it to their laptop or phone, and turn themselves into a walking advert.

A different idea is to include custom branded stickers with all orders.

As mentioned stickers are low cost and adding them to your product packaging is a no brainer. There are good reasons brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

You could try giving away stickers to social influencers to get some incredible exposure. Many small brands use this tactic, because it uses the power of reciprocity, mentioned earlier. 

Send over some brand merch and some free stickers. I’m sure you’ll get Insta stories with thanks and a brand mention to their thousands of followers. We find this tactic best with micro-influencers (up to 100,000 followers), so your gift doesn’t go missing amongst everything else they receive. 

Finally, why not try to get social attention with a guerilla marketing campaign like this:


It’s an incredible example from Lays (aka Walkers), to show buyers their crips get made from locally grown, fresh potatoes.

You just need it to go viral and it’ll get you thousands of social mentions – well worth a try for the cost!

We hope you’ve found these ideas using stickers useful. If you have any more imaginative applications, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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