4 Tips to Help You Fly Smoothly

Tips to Help You Fly Smoothly

May it be to find some good weather abroad or to explore the world, one of Britain’s favourite passion is tourism. With 12 million British holidaymakers flying each year and more than 30 million visitors, UK’s airports count as some of the busiest worldwide, and each of them requires some of the best logistic to keep up on the fast-paced rhythm.

If you’re flying from or to the UK soon, here are some tips which might be helpful to you:

1. You don’t want to be parking your car at Bristol’s airport

If you’re tight on finance for your trip, you might consider trying not parking at Bristol’s airport, as it is the countries’ most expensive car park. When facing overpriced parking, one might want to consider being dropped off by a taxi or with public transport and enjoy a drink at the destination with the saved money instead.

2. Make the best out of your waiting time

Last year, Brits waited in total 5,586 years at the airport. You might want to make the best out of this time when flying abroad. Download some podcasts or movies you’re interested in, if you’re having a layover, check which activities are to be found in the airport you will be waiting at, some have even got a gym!

3. Keep your ID within easy reach

Every 10Th Briton has forgotten his passport at some point as he or she was travelling. Place your document in bag or a place where it’ll be is easy to grab so you can make sure anytime that it is with you and not have a bad surprise once you need it.

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4. Consider your luggage might get lost or left behind

It is better not to leave any important document in your checked luggage. Every year, 20 million suitcases are lost or disappear worldwide. Items found inside range from broken raw eggs to marriage proposals. If you absolutely want to make an omelet at your destination or if you are flying to your own wedding, you might want to keep these items with you.

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Infographic uses current travel data to visualise what is going on at airports and in tourism in the space of one year.

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