5 Amazing Black Friday Ejuice Flavors You Should Try

5 Amazing Black Friday Ejuice Flavors You Should Try

With Black Friday discounts quickly approaching, it’s high time you’ve made a shortlist of all the vape juice flavors you want to stock up on before New Year kicks in. Many vape shops will offer excellent sales right after Thanksgiving, so it’s the perfect time for some strategic shopping that doesn’t break the bank.

You’ll want to buy only top-quality vape juices this Black Friday because even with discounts, lousy vape juices will never be worth it.

So, let’s check out how to get ready for Black Friday shopping and see which flavors you should focus on getting!

Black Friday Vape Juice Shopping

Black Friday is the shopping season, regardless of what you’re buying. You’ll get excellent sales on electronics, apparel, furniture, shoes, accessories, and yes, even vape juices. On average, you’ll save about 37% on Black Friday specials, but with e-liquids, your savings will be even more significant.

Some of the best vape juice brands and shops will give discounts as high as 70%, but it’s always a good idea to do some research beforehand. The better you’re prepared for your shopping spree, the happier your wallet will be.

So, research your local vape shops in advance to see what they’re offering. Some will market huge savings this Black Friday, but the fine print will show that it’s only on some brands and products. Some will tell you there’s a 70% discount, yet you’ll see that other shops with only a 40% discount have lower prices.

It’s in your best interest to get informed and make data-driven vape juice shopping decisions this Black Friday.

Time for Experimentation

With appealing price cuts during Black Friday, this is the best season for trying out unique vape juice flavors. You won’t have to worry much about wasting your money on weird flavors, as everything will likely be discounted, especially the flavors that require a more sophisticated taste.

So, you can finally taste that strange fruity-flavored e-liquid with a hint of cinnamon and a dash of chocolate you’ve been eyeing the whole year. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

We all want to try out new flavors, and this is the best time to do it. Who knows, maybe it’ll broaden your horizons, and you’ll enjoy the weirdness of those strange flavors.

Top Ejuice Flavors This Black Friday

Now, without further ado, it’s time to see what the all-time favorite Black Friday vape juices are! While many of them are available the whole year round, you won’t find them at a better price during any other season.

Apple Pie Vape Juice Is a Must

Hmm, there’s something about that sweet apple pie scent that immediately takes you back to your childhood. You can just envision your parents getting ready to host a large Thanksgiving dinner, your favorite aunt pinching your cheeks when she comes through the door, and the sweet smell of pie baking in the oven.

Apple pie is the perfect vape juice flavor for the nostalgic vaper who loves spending time with their family. It’s familiar, captivating, and intoxicating – ideal for this cold, socially-distanced season.

Since the 2020 Thanksgiving and the subsequent Black Friday won’t be anything like they were before, getting reminded of the better times through the rich scent of apple pie vape juice is bound to lift your spirits.

Sweet Maple Ejuice

If you have a sweet tooth, maple ejuice is the choice for you this Black Friday. Sweeter scents and flavors are exceptionally popular during the colder months, and you’ll surely enjoy them to the fullest.

Maple ejuice will make you feel like you’re eating your favorite candy. It’s rich, fulfilling, and it might help you skip dessert every now and then. If you’re like most of us, the lockdowns and quarantines of 2020 have left their mark on your waistline, so skipping dessert could be beneficial – for all of us.

Pumpkin Pie Vape Juice

Pumpkin spice latte is the go-to beverage as soon as the first leaf turns yellow, and pumpkin pie vape juice is the go-to flavor as soon as vape stores open on Black Friday!

There’s just something about pumpkin, or more accurately pumpkin spices, that makes it perfect for the fall season.

With pumpkin pie vape juice, you can just curl up in your blanket, open your favorite book, and enjoy your fall afternoon. No need for pumpkin spice scented candles to fill your house with this sweet aroma!

Vanilla Custard Vape Juice

Vanilla custard is one of the simplest and most beloved desserts around this time. So, it’s not surprising that vanilla custard vape juice flavors start flying off the shelves.

These vape juices are sweet, rich, and will help you just kick back and relax. And if you’re lactose intolerant, vanilla custard vape juice flavors might be the closest you can get to tasting the real thing.

Rich Tobacco Vape Juice

Sometimes, going for the classic vape juice flavors is the best option on Black Friday. After all, you probably ate more dessert than you can handle on Thanksgiving, and you just need something simple and relaxing.

Tobacco flavored vape juices will give you a break from sweeter e-liquids, and they could even help you avoid the Vaper’s Tongue. So, stock up on your favorite tobacco flavors, and enjoy your vaping sessions to the fullest.

The Bottom Line

Black Friday is the perfect season to stock up on your favorite e juices and even experiment with some new flavors. Just remember to buy your e-liquids from reputable shops. It’s the best way to ensure a genuinely exquisite taste and high-quality ingredients.

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