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Zuckerberg’s clever idea of naming his social networking platform ‘Facebook’ makes it super popular for a reason. It is easy to remember and self-explanatory. From a brand perspective, getting the name right is already a call for celebration! 

Facebook profile showcases a person’s personality based on the kind of posts they like, share and post. On a larger scale, Facebook Business Pages achieve similar goals of creating brand image and voice but that’s not all. 

Along with brand awareness, a Facebook Business Page helps a brand communicate with customers and engage them in interesting content. Based on engagement and account activity, a business gets real-time insights on customer behaviour for them to work on their strategies. With a strategy in place, they can target the right audience and strengthen brand loyalty. 

How do you decide your Facebook Business Page content is working for you? 

Here are 5 brands that prove why facebook business page matters: 

1. Shopify

The purpose behind everything a brand does is to get sales but different rules apply for social media. A brand’s facebook business page can’t be solely dedicated to promoting products because that will only highlight your products and irritate the audience. 

People don’t access social media to be targeted by ads, they access it to consume content. This is where you can step up your brand image by creating content that’ll eventually lead to sales. 

When you visit Shopify’s page, they have a creative cover page that entices customers into viewing their profile. 

Facebook Business Page

Since social media can’t be just promotion, they give a human angle to their brand by sharing human-interest stories. These are stories of employees who have something useful or interesting to share from their life experience. People love to read or watch inspirational stories. 

Facebook Business Page

Shopify also communicates its targets and reach by sharing information on achievements. This keeps their existing customers in the loop of their growth and also surprises potential customers. 

Facebook Business Page

2. Adobe

They don’t experiment creatively as much as other brands on their Facebook business page but yet they manage to keep their audience engaged. A very simple strategy of sharing what a person would share on a personal profile. 

They post pictures or videos from their events and announce achievements or milestones reached by them. While this seems very basic, it actually makes their audience feel like a part of the brand’s success. 

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Small updates on what happened in their office and pictures of the incident help their audience catch a sneak into what happens inside the organisation, what is Adobe beyond its products. 

Facebook Business Page

3. eBay

They have a massive number of likes on their Facebook page and the reason for this is definitely their creative videos and graphics. While eBay uses the page to announce products and make sales, they do it with wit. 

Visually appealing images and videos are put up on their page which is liked by the audience because they are not too sales-oriented and are pleasing to the eye. 

Facebook Business Page

They also use a lot of popular culture references that attract people who are ardent followers of particular franchises like Star Wars. Apart from this, eBay’s catchy taglines on posts also gain traction. 

Facebook Business Page

4. Amazon

If there is one thing that defines Amazon’s success, it is inbound marketing! The company does not blatantly promote its products, instead, they subtly slide it into their content. 

Facebook Business Page

They jump on trending stories and news and create posts around it so that relevance holds and people remember it. By doing this they are also creating a brand tone that they will be recognized for. 

This company pitches to their audience the whole company rather than just its products. They do stories that go beyond their products but talk about the company, delivery agents and so on. 

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

5. Zomato

A food delivery application already has an advantage because they sell food. Zomato is one such company that has used this advantage exceedingly well by targeting the right audience and using humour to create brand impression.

Facebook Business Page

They have a visually appealing video of food which grabs attention the moment you land on their page. 

They also hold events that are directly targeted for their audience and they communicate these updates on the page. For food lovers scrolling through their feed, a food-related event would urge them to make plans of attending. 

Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages can also serve as great customer support. Customers find an easier way to connect with brands and have their personal problems resolved. So being active on the page and responding to complaints makes you a great brand. 

Facebook Business Page

A business page on Facebook opens opportunities with potential customers and moreover, helps you create an impression on the world. Your opinions in reaction to trending topics, number of likes on your page, creative designs and slogans, powerful stories shared, etc is what people will remember you for. So whatever content you create, remember it defines your brand. 

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