5 Décor Ideas for your Noguchi Coffee Table

Decorating a coffee table to make it feel lively and attractive is an art form that not many homeowners are good at. So, to help you make the most of your Noguchi coffee table original, here are a few décor ideas for your perusal:

1. An eclectic vibe


If you’re going for an artfully boho-chic ambiance, then you can decorate your Noguchi coffee table original with a number of mismatched eclectic accessories. The simple design and timeless visuals of this table can be molded into any kind of visuals that suit your palette. Just take a look at this image; the table has been arranged with a number of eclectic and mismatched accessories that include vases, bohemian coffee mugs, glasses, colorful baskets, coasters, and even a book. The dissimilarity of this décor looks unique and cohesive, which makes the table feel very attractive.

2. Classic books and a planter

decorate your noguchi coffee table

The simplest and one of the most classic coffee table décor set up is the arrangement of a single planter beside a stack of books. You can use this idea on your Noguchi coffee table as well. Some people even add book ends on either side of the stack. It’s an ageless aesthetic that makes the space and furniture feel lived in and homely. This image features a great iteration of this décor technique on top of such a coffee table.

3. Mismatched dishes and pottery

décor ideas

You can add a customized aura to the décor by featuring colorful pottery and dishes on top of it. If it’s made of clay, you can buy rough drafts and color it with your own imagination. However, do remember to apply the rule of three while decorating this way. Odd numbered clusters – especially that feature 3 objects – tend to look more wholesome and attractive than even numbered objects.

4. The way of the classics


Classic décor is always timelessly fashionable, so you can definitely use it to decorate your Noguchi coffee table. It mainly consists of china, ceramics, and porcelain objects – often even crockery. But since you have to match the scale of the table, it’s better to be strategic about what you choose. The ceramic swan and cat vase featured in this image is a great starter pack. The beautiful flower arrangement also adds a splash of color, but the traditional aspects of this décor definitely make a nice visual impact.

5. DIY tray setting


Do it yourself (DIY) tray settings are a pretty popular mode of décor these days. It consists of a stylish tray that has been laden with a number of carefully chosen accessories that are then displayed on a plain surface. The great thing about this venture is that it allows you to personalize the whole décor. The tray setting containing various items in this image is a great example of how you can use this technique to embellish your own Noguchi coffee table.

The transparent and sculptural design of the Noguchi coffee table original is a very neutral canvas for all sorts of decoration techniques, and we hope that some of these ideas can help you get started on your own.

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