5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Watch Out for in 2022

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Watch Out for in 2022

Marketing methods are ever-changing, and in keeping with the times, business owners need to learn about the most recent trends and how they can leverage them for their businesses.

In recent times, the digital space has offered us some of the most formidable strategies yet. 

Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, these new digital marketing methods deliver quick results, as they are highly scalable and easy to deploy. 

Not only that, but these methods also allow you to reach a broad mass of people at a low cost. Coupled with the high conversion rates that these strategies bring, you are assured of an excellent return on investment (ROI) rate and, by extension, business growth.

To enable you to better understand how these initiatives work and why you need to consider them for your enterprise, we have compiled a list of the five most promising digital marketing strategies in the market today. 

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing

Sometimes, when you conduct a Google search, some websites may appear as Ads at the top of your search results page. 

The display of those kinds of Ads is prompted by the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing method.

With PPC, your brand bids on the keywords for which it wishes its website to appear. When an online visitor searches for these keywords, the brand’s website shows up among the first results on the results page.

Should the visitor click on the website, the brand pays a specified fee for each click. Unlike traditional advertising, where you pay for space on a billboard or other platform, PPC does not require you to pay for the Ad space. 

You only pay for the results (or the click-throughs).

Therefore, the most vital element under this setup is knowing and utilizing the most wide-reaching keywords applicable to a brand’s products. 

That calls for keen keyword research to ensure that you bid on the most optimal keywords and search phrases.

2. Search Engine Optimization

The success of most digital marketing strategies is mainly dependent on your brand visibility and how ‘discoverable’ and reachable you are online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses particular methods to improve your web ranking and visibility. Like PPC marketing, SEO involves optimal use of keywords to improve how search engines rank you on the search results page (SERP).

However, with SEO, keyword use is just one of the components. 

Another way through which you can improve on SEO and your rankings is by making your site mobile-friendly. That means it should be user friendly whether one accesses it on a PC or a mobile device.

The importance of optimizing for mobile can never be overstated, as most web users today rely on their mobile devices to access information on the web.

Other features of an optimized website include pleasant visuals and images, an engaging landing page and strategic call to action (CTA) buttons. CTA buttons are prompts that urge the visitor to commit to trying out your products.

These may include an ‘add to cart’ button, ‘buy’ button, or even a ‘book now’ button. 

3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an evergreen marketing method that involves using validated email lists supplied by a professional Email Services Provider (ESP).

The best part about email marketing is that it features email contacts of high-value prospects interested in a brand’s products. 

The ESP has vetted these high-value prospects (or warm leads), thereby assuring your brand of a high conversion rate from their email pitch.

However, a successful email marketing strategy goes well beyond the warm leads and requires the emails sent out to be well designed and expertly done.

Everything from the formatting, message and tone of the email should ooze professionalism.

While you can design the email yourself, you may also outsource the email marketing to your ESP as they will give the correspondence a professional voice and keep track of the entire process for you.

4. Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the oldest marketing methods and continues to be valid even today. 

It involves contacting new prospects, introducing your brand and pitching your goods or products via unsolicited telephone calls.

The best way to do your business to business (B2B) cold calling is through a trusted Sales Development Representative who will increase your brand’s chances of conversion from these conversations.

Effectual cold calling requires the use of pre-structured talking points by your sales rep to ensure they come across as knowledgeable about their material.

Equally important is that the representative should listen to what the prospect has to say and ensure they gain market information even as they try to sell your products. 

That tactic achieves three objectives- First, your brand gains insights into what the market wants moving forward. 

Secondly, where the conversation yields a conversion, your business enjoys closing on another sale. 

Lastly, listening to your prospects’ needs directs you on the effective tweaks you may need to make, thus improving your products and hopefully beating the competition.

5. Content Marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing entails the publishing of content online to improve your brand visibility.

Here, the content may be in the form of written articles in blogs, microblogs and videos. Like PPC and SEO, content marketing is geared towards making your brand rank better with search engines.

As such, the content you publish must always be accurate and pertinent to your customer. It must be on-topic that your prospects would be interested. 

That could be educational, informative or entertaining material revolving around your brand and products. 

Further, as with everything else on the website, you need to optimize the content through proper use of keywords or, where possible, compelling visuals.

To ensure that you consistently maintain your top ranking, ensure you constantly refresh your material, make it comprehensive, and include new topics.

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