5 Foolproof Tips for Hosting a Successful Business Meeting in Los Angeles

There is a lot more to holding a successful business meeting than just calling everyone into the board room. You need to make sure everyone feels important, valued, and most of all, inspired. Here are a few tips to consider when you host your next business meeting in LA.

Know the Purpose

This may seem trivial but trust us — it is crucial that you know why you are having this meeting in the first place. Know the why, then decide on a plan of how to execute. Will the meeting be laidback or direct? Will your team be brainstorming, motivating, celebrating? Know the purpose of your meeting, then set the tone.

5 Foolproof Tips for Hosting a Successful Business Meeting in Los Angeles


Know where the food or drink is coming from (if there will be food or drink). Test out the electrical equipment and technology before anyone arrives. Make sure your presentation works, you have enough supplies (folders, markers, staples, pens, etc.), and you have all the materials you may need to pass out.

Be sure to mentally prepare yourself, too. See the meeting going well in your head. Imagine your best self holding your team’s attention. Go over the entire event in your mind. Have a plan that sets you and your team up for success before your meeting even starts.

Set the Tone

The initial look and feel of the room will set the tone for what’s to come. Consider every detail and plan ahead.

Take control of the environment. For a more relaxed vibe, bring in brighter colors. Maybe a bouquet for the table, maybe inspirational posters. If you want your attendees to feel taken care of, provide a pitcher of water and glasses at each setting. Maybe even infuse the water with citrus or berries.

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If you want to appear more task-focused, angle the chairs to face the front of the room. Have all pertinent papers, folders, or packets set out and ready for them when they walk in. If music is appropriate, decide the tone and choose the correct music and the correct volume to play in the background.

How will you hold your physical body in the meeting? If this is a more informal meeting, maybe you play a “get to know you” game at the start so everyone can meet. If you are motivating, maybe create a small rewards program or host a team-building exercise.

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Location is key. Having the right location can be the difference between a motivational meeting and an anxiety-inducing obligation. Know your vibe, then choose the location that accurately represents that. Here are a few options for great meeting venues in LA to choose from:

#1. Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Private Room

Charm. Grace. Elegance. The Beverly Hills Hotel has many rooms in which to host a decent business meeting, but none so intimate as the Polo Private Room. This place holds anywhere from 12 to 100 guests, plus a special menu catered to your event.

The large windows offer views of the Polo Garden, which is also open for your meeting attendees to admire. No matter what kind of meeting you’re hosting, the Polo Private Room is a classy venue for every occasion.

#2. Shutters on the Beach

Do you want to treat your business associates to a little fun? Want to start off with coffee and end with a cocktail? Of all the business meeting venues in LA, Shutters on the Beach is by far one of the most coveted for these reasons and so many more.

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Whether you choose the Audio Visual Room, the Pacific Terrace, or the Grand Salon, you’ll have everything you need to host an important business meeting, plus a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean. Have an outstanding meal and get some valuable business done, all with a fantastic view.

#3. Business Expo Center Executive Room

This is the place you want to go when you want to get down to brass tacks. The Executive Room at the Business Expo Center in Anaheim can fit up to 14 people (10 business style, 14 classroom-style) and comes with a ton of amenities:

  • tables and chairs
  • high-speed internet
  • full prep kitchen
  • audio/visual equipment

There are no beaches here. No distractions. This is the perfect spot to plug in, buckle down, and get to work.

Read the Room and Respond Appropriately

If you are enthusiastic, your attendees will be, too. Alternatively, if you don’t want to be there, your team will pick up on your lethargy and frustration. Be inspired and have a raised level of energy throughout the meeting. Be the standard for the members.

What do you do when their focus begins to drift or worse, they begin to fall asleep? You have a few options, but a subtle way is toraise your own volume and energy when you speak. Make them want to listen. A nice POP in your voice will also shake the thought-drifters back into focus.

You can also get more direct with it and ask everyone to stand up and “shake it out”. This may not be the most professional method, but it gets the blood flowing and allows people to reset. Visual and audio stimulants will also help. Make your posters/slides/content interesting to look at or hear. Lastly, make it interactive if at all possible. If your team members feel included and heard and are invested in the content, they are more likely to stay involved and remain focused.

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Bring your best self forward and lead the charge with a strong mindset, square shoulders, and an unavoidable drive.

Two people in dress shirts shaking hands.

Host a Successful Business Meeting in Los Angeles

Whether this is your first business meeting or your thousandth, whether you have worked with these people for decades or they are potential clients, it is always good to be prepared. Consider the basics and set yourself up for success.

LA is the self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World; be entertaining! LA is all about combining business with pleasure. So, when you prepare to host your next meeting, consider these tips and take your business meeting to the next level.

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