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5 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

5 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

Gone are the days when we used to arrange some sorts of business meetings to hand over the payments to your client. With the advancements in technology, we are now having an updated software system with easy access. Yes, online payment software facilitates business companies for instant transactions. Following is the list of the best online payment software serving millions of people with their staggering features.

  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer


Stripe is an American based technology company that locates in San Francisco, California. It possesses an eminent software named, Stripe, that helps individuals and businesses to make a quick transaction over the Internet. Do you know the key functions of this astounding software? It undoubtedly performs helpful functions like storing cards, subscription and direct payments to the user’s bank account.  

Isn’t it cool that the software is also perfect for web payments and mobiles that are specifically created for the developers? Stripe helps in enabling businesses to secure credit cards, international debit cards, and currencies. Additionally, it includes invoice paying, PCI compliance and full stack-payments for its customers. is a mechanized payment plan software which endeavors features to transfer the payments right away to your clients. It is being used by many eCommerce and online business companies to work out the payment plans for customers. serves businesses with the powerful podium to set all services and products with payment plans on Shopify.

 So, readers, you can now streamline your debits, upgrade your cash flow and take control for making your collections and debits a breeze. You can simply use the software or its integrations like Fresh books, QuickBooks or Harvest to pull your current invoices into with a few clicks and put an end to pursue clients and standing by for the payments. 


Adyen is another spectacular software-based global company, providing millions with quick payment solutions. It permits online payment through local and smartphone devices and ensures you for safe transactions. This attribute makes it an exceptional software that exhibits the fastest payment method. You can now get the software from all bustling markets with handsome pricing.  

Adyen helps in managing the risk, can remote the store management, and personalize services for the local buyers. Also, Adyen possesses features like data driving, one-click recurring payments, dynamic card validation, and revenue protect feature.  


Have you ever used PayPal for online undertakings? Paypal is yet another solution to your online payments. You can simply transfer your money to your friends, family, and clients sitting abroad through PayPal. Opening an initial account on PayPal is free. But a specific fee will be charged afterward depending upon how much payment you make. You can create your personal as well as a commercial payment account on PayPal. There is no restriction on that. Alike other online payment software, Paypal also offers its users with outstanding services. 


In today’s highly digital world, the online payment system through pioneer helps business professionals to globally circulate their money. With a flexible, low-cost solution and secure online payment system, you can now easily get your international transaction in a few minutes. Undoubtedly, Payoneer has been considered as one of the flawless software reducing your online payment problems. With Payoneer, there is no need of getting worried about the safety of your money. It ensures its customers to provide good surveillance. 

Conclusively, you need to stop worrying about sending online money to your foreigner friends. Get your instant payment done through the best hand-picked software for online payment.

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