What is my marketing strategy to build clientele?

Elaine Ratner

Elaine Ratner.
Courtesy of Elaine Ratner

In order to expand your business, you have to know your customers and build accordingly. 

Elious’ consulting gig really kicked off when she found her niche in the market and honed in on clientele quality. The former side hustler told Business Insider that having a broad range of products and services made people uncertain of what services and products they should purchase from her. Additionally, she was often overworked and burnt out. 

The entrepreneur changed her strategy and created two private and intimate branding workshops with her clients — one was a two-day mastermind event and the other a six-week enrollment program. Elious’ experiment paid off, as she made 97% of her revenue in 2019 based off those two events. 

“Doing less and charging more made me more money, attracted better clients, and resulted in better outcomes for my clients,” she said.

Nevertheless, building clients takes time for any industry. Business Insider recently spoke with Shannon Welch and Elaine Ratner, two Poshmark sellers who decided to turn their online shops into full-time businesses after reaching six figures in sales. 

At one point, both of them started with zero sales, and they built a customer base through tech-savvy approaches in understanding the websites’ wholesale portal and understanding their catering demographic. 

“I got to know my clients, I got to know their family, their kids what they do, actually got to know their style, their favorite colors, their sizes,” Ratner told Business Insider. “I think that’s why they keep coming back to me because they feel that not only am I their personal stylist, I’m also a friend they can trust when I’m selling.” 

Today, the entrepreneur has more than 257,000 followers on her Poshmark profile and has made over $1 million in sales. 


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