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5 Reasons to Invest in the GRNQ in 2022

5 Reasons to Invest in the GRNQ in 2022

As the year 2021 draws to an end, investors around the world look for new opportunities as they look to set new targets and evaluate their portfolios. Likewise, Investment consultants and market analysts scour the market for undervalued stocks that show high potentials to grow rapidly and offer increased shareholder value in the new year 2022. One of the upcoming and over-looked stocks that has been identified by different market watchers is GreenPro Capital Corporation. In this article, we will examine some of the giant strides and revolutionary deals that GreenPro (GRNQ) and its notable subsidiaries have made over the past year, which puts them in good stead to hit the ground running in Q1 2022. But before we dive right in to it, here’s all you need about the company.

What is Greenpro Capital Corporation

GreenPro Capitals is one of the leading financial advisory, consultancy and VC firms in Asia. The company trades under the stock symbol GRNQ on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GRNQ), has a strong track record as one of the most successful financial advisory and consulting firms in Asia. For over 30 years Greenpro has been assisting and supporting businesses and High-Net-Worth-Individuals to capitalize and securitize their value on a global scale through the provision of cross-border business solutions.

Why You Should Invest in GreenPro Corp (GRNQ)

1. Diversified Portfolio

Having achieved success in traditional finance sectors, in recent years, the company has pivoted into business incubation with a diversified business. Through its venture capital business, Greenpro has extended its services towards business development solutions for start-ups and high growth companies, covering finance, technology, FinTech, and health and wellness. In 2021, the company continued this diversification trend by completing a number of strategic VC investments and partnerships in different non-correlating nascent sectors across the world. In addition to the wider revenue stream, the potential success of these subsidiaries and partner companies means that the GRNQ is more likely to record unprecedented growth spurts in 2022.

2. International Reputation and Public Sector Partnerships

During the course of 2021, GreenPro further solidified its status as an Internationally acclaimed and reputable organization. The company has been at the forefront of the Digital Finance revolution in Asia having signed a Public and Private Partnerships Investment Agreement with various inter-governmental organizations.

In August 2021, Greenpro signed a Public and Private Partnerships Investment Agreement with IHTHS Corporation, with the witness of BIMP-EAGA Business Council to build a Shariah Compliant Digital Finance & Economic Zone.

Recently, the National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) announced that they would be partnering with GreenPro Capital Group (GreenPro) to identify and promote high-potential technology startups for the ADAQ SEA Dragon program running between March to July 2022.

These International partnerships indicates that GreenPro is compliant and has great relationships with regulators and public agencies across Asia-pacific region and beyond. This signals operational stability, continuity and social cooperation which is poised to open up new markets and revenue streams for the company in the new year.

3. Digital Finance Innovations

Throughout 2021, Greenpro has been at the forefront of the Digital Finance revolution in Asia having signed a Public and Private Partnerships Investment Agreement with various inter-governmental organizations. Digital Finance & Economic Zone, and to fulfil BIMP-EAGA’s initiative to drive innovation-based development, and to facilitate and promote the development of Shariah Compliant Digital Finance Centre.

This new Digital Finance & Economic Zone will serve as a platform for high-quality commercial operators to co-participate in the development of the BIMP-EAGA region. This new zone will enable high-speed economic growth, with also keeping a firm focus on environmental, social, and governance best practices

4. Record-Breaking Investment in Angkasa X

In 2021, Greenpro incubated companies and secured many groundbreaking deals. In October, Angkasa-X was successfully admitted as an ITU-R member after filing for an application to launch its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The company is set to make record breaking contributions to global space telecommunications in 2022. Greenpro owns 28 million shares in Angkasa-X and is planning to list the company via an IPO on a U.S. exchange in the coming months. With the Space technology market expected to be worth USD 10 trillion over the next 10 years, analysts expect this strategic investment to lead to a significant bullish drive in the GRNQ stock price.

5. Strategic Investment in Blockchain Space

While the world economy struggled in recent years over the Cryptocurrency sector has grown in leaps and bounds. Over the last 2 years, the market has grown by over 300%. With the global cryptocurrency market soaring Past $3 Trillion Market Capx in October 2021.

Recently Cryptosx, one for Greenpro’s incubated companies has secured STO partnership worth over $6bn with American-based company Dignity Corporation. The partnership will see the gold-backed DIGau token listed and traded exclusively on the Cryptosx STO platform. Other significant STO listings that were completed in 2021 include the Millennium Sapphire Token (MSTO), and Brighsun Energy Ltd, among others. 

With strategic partnerships with one of Asia’s leading digital exchange platform Cryptosx,

Greenpro has successfully positioned itself to make significant gains from the crypto market boom in 2020.

How to Invest in Greenpro Capital (GNRQ)

Click here to invest in GreenPro ($GRNQ). For further information regarding the company, please visit

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