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5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Assistant

5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Assistant
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Whether you are a business owner, a manager or simply have a lot of responsibility in your job, having some help is often a crucial part of getting more done and ensuring you don’t overwork yourself.  The best option is often to have a personal assistant or PA. But do I really need one, I hear you ask? Here are five reasons why hiring a PA is the best decision you can make.

Make sure you stick to your schedule

Admit it, you often find yourself overcommitted for meetings, late for things or simply forgot you said you would meet your other half for lunch.  This is where a PA comes in – not only do they arrange your schedule for you but help you stick to it.

A personal assistant is a lot more than calendar management, but this can be a big help.  By ensuring you don’t overcommit to those meetings or forget important lunch dates, you can focus on your work, not checking your calendar!

Lessen your workload

A PA can handle a whole range of smaller tasks that don’t require you to do them but need to get done.  And if they have had executive assistant training, the list of what they can handle will be even bigger.  

This can range from simple tasks like booking hotels for work travel and arranging for airport transfers through to writing up notes from meetings and liaising with partner companies.  Things that need to be done but you don’t always need to be doing yourself can be managed by your PA.

Act as a buffer zone

Your PA can act as a buffer zone, filtering the stuff you need to deal with and handling the stuff you don’t.  When you handle all of your own phone calls, arrangements for meetings, requests for information and more, it is difficult to say no.  By having a PA, they can help with this, sorting out what needs your attention and handling the rest.

This works internally too.  If you work in a company with others, people are often calling or popping into your office for information, advice and help.  Your PA can help where possible and reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with things – while still ensuring colleagues get the help and information they need.

Bring a different viewpoint

For many people, their PA is more than just an assistant – they are a sounding board, another pair of eyes and a different viewpoint.  They are a trusted assistant who knows what you do and can offer advice and knowledge as well as their own opinions to help with those questions and queries.

When we work alone, we tend to get inside our own heads, and this can work well in some cases – and not so well in others.  Having someone there you can trust to bounce ideas with, to brainstorm and to play out scenarios is an invaluable resource you will come to rely on.

Learn your preferences

Over time, your PA will learn your preferences.  They will write letters that sound like they are from you, they will know what kind of hotels you like to stay in, what restaurants to avoid for business meetings.  All of these little things help make life easier and your day run smoother without you constantly having to do things yourself to get it right.

An invaluable colleague

A personal assistant is an invaluable colleague who can make your daily work life easier and more efficient.  Once you have invested in a PA, you will find it is the best investment you have ever made.

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