Simple Tips for Moving Up The Ladder In Human Resources

Whether you started out being hired by a local hr temp agency, or you got a job straight out of college, moving up the ladder in human resources and earning more is probably at the front of your mind.

These days, however, that can be easier said than done. Human resources have become a crowded field, competition is rife, that means you have to do more and be better if you want to move up the ladder.

With that in mind, today we are going to discuss five simple tips for helping you make your move to the top. So buckle up, get your note pad ready and let’s get these raises flowing!

Step Up, Prove Your Competence

The first step toward becoming a leader is becoming competent. Before you can run, you have to walk. That means getting the basics down and being able to swiftly and efficiently execute your daily tasks.

Still, it doesn’t matter how competent you are if no one notices. So make sure your boss knows you are performing, set up benchmarks each month and send a quick email to show your boss that you’re not only meeting but exceeding these goals.

Once you’ve done this it’s time to ask for more responsibility. Going the extra mile whenever you have the opportunity is vital to proving you are ready for that next step on the corporate ladder.

Make Yourself a Leader

Taking on leadership roles in the office, online and in your free time is just step one to becoming a leader.

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Being a leader doesn’t just mean taking on more responsibility or telling people what to do. Being a great leader means putting your ego aside, truly being a team player, and staying focused on achieving company and personal goals.

Another great way to show your leadership skills is to be a willing learner. That may mean taking classes in anything from employee-centric leadership training to technical, HR specific courses.

Above all, leaders are selfless and always willing to take on more responsibility.


Specializing within human resources is probably the best thing you can do to move up the ladder in 2020. These days not every HR pro is a generalist, in fact, the majority specialize in one segment of the process or another.

For example, Human Resources Information Systems(HRIS) analysts dedicate their time to becoming experts in HR systems. That way they can move up from HR entry-level positions to more senior roles like HRIS managers, human resources managers or senior business analysts.

You might also consider specializing in compensation and benefits. These specialists are responsible for HR policies, salaries, bonuses, pensions, life insurance, and medical insurance packages.

In 2020, specialization is key if you want to become the boss.

Build Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships isn’t just networking. Anyone can network, and everyone should be.  What you need to do to move up in human resources is to build lasting friendships and relationships with people at your company.

That may mean having an open door policy even if you’d rather not, or it may mean taking some extra time to help a colleague or friend with their job hunt. Whatever it is, building strong relationships is key.

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Probably the best thing you can do to build strong relationships that will help you move up in HR is to write and publishing more on social media and blogs. That way you can position yourself as a thought leader, while actively engaging with the HR community.

Hopefully, these five tips will give you a head start on your journey up the corporate ladder. HR may be a profession rife with competition, but if you can follow these tips I’m sure you’ll be on your way to the top in no time.


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