5 Technology Updates for Growing Health and Nutrition Distributors

5 Technology Updates for Growing Health and Nutrition Distributors

The nutritional supplement industry has grown exponentially in recent years. Especially now with the spread of COVID-19, health and wellness are at the forefront of many people’s minds. People want to make sure they are getting the right vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis in order to stay as healthy as possible. That’s why this moment is so important for distributors to make sure that their dietary supplement products are high quality and effective. It’s now more important than ever to listen to your clients’ needs and create products that meet these expectations. With the right tools and strategic partnerships, you can make the most of the information you have on hand and streamline your business operations during this pivotal time.

Purchasing IP Address Blocks

As we all know, every device that is network-connected and internet-connected is assigned its own IP address. This address is known as your device’s unique identifier. For years we have used IPv4 as the central standard for internet language and communication. This means devices have been labeled with IPv4 addresses and registered within a regional internet registry. These IP addresses have a finite combination of integers available, and as of the last few years, we have run out of new combinations of internet numbers within IPv4. Many registries are slowly making the transition to IPv6. IPv6 addresses will have a different length and standard, meaning new combinations of internet numbers will be available, but this transition to IPv6 isn’t something that can happen overnight. In the meantime, this means that many IPv4 addresses are being recycled. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, except that recycling IP addresses means you aren’t always sure of their previous owners and uses.

Companies will often purchase IPv4 blocks of addresses in order to streamline communication and connectivity within their own personal servers. The only issue is the recycling of IPv4 addresses. IPv4 Connect is a marketplace where business owners can buy IPv4 block safely and securely. They recognize that around 60% of IPv4 addresses are currently found on some sort of IP address blacklist. This means that when a company tries to purchase IPv4 address space from a seller or broker that isn’t verified, they may not realize their IPv4 address block is blacklisted until after the transfer process is already complete. IPv4 Connect is committed to helping small businesses and startups avoid this costly mistake by offering them a secondary market where all of the brokers and sellers are vetted and verified. Their team of experts is constantly complete intensive IPv4 address research in order to ensure the IP address blocks from their brokers are clean. In the past, business owners would have to do their own research or risk purchasing IPv4 address blocks from sellers that weren’t secure. IPv4 Connect offers a platform where buyers and sellers can communicate and safely transfer IP addresses without fear of blacklisted IPv4 numbers being purchased or sold. Their experienced customer service team can talk you through the purchase and transfer process to ensure that there are no hiccups along the way. With the help of IPv4 Connect, you can be sure IPv4 numbers and address blocks you acquire are safe and secure.

Powerful Enterprise Software Integrations

Enterprise software integrations can change the way your business and employees function. Workboard is an enterprise software company that produces superior software solutions for businesses of all sizes. One of the most popular WorkBoard software solutions is their OKR software. OKR stands for objectives and key results, and by integrating a powerful OKR software into your business operations, you can help motivate and refocus your team. Workboard can help you create strategic priorities for your team based on measurable key results. Their OKR methodology is based on measurable outcomes and action items. These action items are created from the crucial insights Workboard’s software extracts from your business data. This data is typically centered around workday ventures and employee workflows. By implementing automation into their software integrations, they can interpret this data and convert it into new business strategies. These data-based strategies help to focus your team and promote achievable outcomes for every department of your organization.

Workboard’s OKR focuses primarily on business goals and objectives. This helps your employees align their individual goals with those of the company. Workboard will help you create a new list of standard operating procedures for your employees’ workday. Their OKR software solutions also offer regular performance reviews in order to ensure your team is staying on track and meeting the objective that you have previously set. Workboard believes that success is easily attainable when you achieve clarity and communication in the workplace. Especially now, when many teams are distributed and working remotely due to COVID-19, effective communication is more important than ever. Workboard’s OKR software makes it easy to align your strategic priorities and goals across the entire organization. Similar to the way enterprise platforms such as Slack and Asana connect distributed teams, Workboard provides a platform for connectivity and productivity. By making your business strategies and objectives highly visible to the entire team, it ensures that your employees are staying focused and motivated.

Superior Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Having an experienced, top-quality supplement manufacturer to bring your dietary supplements to life is crucial. Makers Nutrition are superior nutritional supplement manufacturers with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories. You want to be sure that your supplements are being created in a facility with high standards of safety and quality. Their facility is NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registered and all of their equipment and raw materials are FDA approved. Makers Nutrition is committed to helping business owners across North America create the perfect formulation for their nutritional supplements. They carefully choose dietary ingredients that are high-quality in order to craft dietary supplements that are effective and safe. Makers Nutrition is with you every step of the way, and they can also help with label design and packaging. This way you can be sure that your product will stand out amongst other major retailers.

Makers Nutrition stocks their on-site warehouse full of FDA approved and certified USDA organic raw materials. This helps increase their efficiency and streamline the production of your supplements. They recognize that dietary supplement companies strive for efficiency but also demand high-quality, and they are dedicated to meeting— and exceeding— these expectations. Makers Nutrition guarantees a 4-week turnaround for work orders, while other supplement manufacturers can typically only provide an 8-week turnaround for products. They employ and cross-train experts in the field of supplement formulation and production, and they can help you create the perfect supplement for your market. Whether you need capsules, tablets, powders, or liquids, Makers Nutrition will work with you to make your ideal nutritional supplements a reality. All of their dietary supplements are free from contaminants, and they source raw materials with high levels of scrutiny to ensure that you receive a superior product. Potency and purity are two factors Makers Nutrition strives for in all of the dietary supplements they create. Their highly skilled and experienced quality assurance team overlooks all of the dietary supplements produced in their facilities. This way you can be sure that any product that is formulated in their labs and produced with their equipment is safe and superior to the competition.

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