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5 Things to Know Before You Start on a Home Remodelling Project

5 Things to Know Before You Start on a Home Remodelling Project

The present economic situation has put a damper on the construction industry. If you are thinking about starting on the home renovation project, think again. More and more people in the UK are finding it difficult or impossible to get cheap materials.  Multiple reasons have led to the dismal situation that the home remodeling industry finds itself in. But with some useful tips, homeowners can ensure they complete their projects smoothly.

Home Renovation Projects

 With people being forced to stay at home, more and more homeowners are taking up home renovation and DIY projects. Some of the top home spaces that people prefer renovating are the kitchen, bathroom, basement conversions, loft extensions, and lean-to extensions.

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Pandemic Induced Shortage

The remote working situation brought on by the pandemic led to people looking for bigger living spaces. Many took to upgrading their homes to accommodate the office and classroom needs of family members. While the situation appears to be in favour of the home renovation businesses, the reality is much different. Some of the key issues the industry faces are

  • Pent-up demand
  • Supply chain delay
  • Material shortage

As a result, material costs have hit the roof turning home renovations into a futile task. But there are ways to salvage the situation. Here are a few tips from home renovation experts that can help.

1. Stock up the Materials

Over ordering the materials you need may seem like a big waste of money. On the other hand, it can help you. Rather than risk the project being stopped due to a shortage of material, it is better to have more at hand. For materials like slates, tiles, bricks, etc. it is best to over-order the materials by 15 to 20%. You can always return or sell the remaining material.

2. Cost Estimate

Renovations are different from new construction. Homeowners ignore many issues until the work starts. Another reason is they forget to include some of the items in the budget or they change the work to be done. To compensate for such problems, professional renovators add 10% to 20% additional costs to the overall estimate.

The expenses of architects, engineers, and surveyors are another cost to consider in the estimate. Arranging funds, building Control, planning, and VAT also add to the overall cost.  It would help homeowners if they research the prices in advance. This will avoid halting the work midway due to the cost.

3. Prioritize the Work

Sometimes renovators or homeowners get carried away by the visual appeal in the décor ignoring the much-needed renovations. By the time they start on the crucial work, they run out of funds. Leaking roofs, decay in the woodwork, and other such work need to be given importance.

An economic approach to renovating older properties is to retain the period features than replace them. Retaining window frames and doors can save money than replacing them with new materials.

4. Use Suitable Materials

In renovation, it is a must to use conventional materials that work with the materials present in the old buildings. Instead of modern cement, lime-based mortars and plasters are preferred for renovating.

Due to the brittleness of cement, cracks can form causing damage to the walls. But many builders prefer only modern and mainstream materials. So, homeowners should use renovators who have the required skills to take care of such works.

5. Quality Materials

A cheap material will probably end up reducing the value of the property. Homeowners need to use quality products that are compliant with the UK regulations for building materials. While it is possible to get materials at a cheap price overseas, they may not be compliant. For instance, concrete blocks and timber need to be of a particular density. The thermal efficiency should also meet the regulations. This will ensure proper loads and energy compliance.

Final Words

After being cooped up at home, homeowners will be raring to get started on their much-dreamed-about renovation projects. More and more Brits are spending on home improvements and DIY jobs. The tips and guidance we have provided are sure to help homeowners in completing their renovation project at the budget and timeline they have set.

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