5 Tips for Fast Buy-to-Let Refurbishments

Looking to refurbish your buy to let property before finding new tenants? In order to attract both prospective tenants and attractive rental prices, you’re going to need to make sure the home is looking and functioning its best.

Here, we’ll look at 5 tips for fast buy to let refurbishments you can follow.

1. Decide how to fund the refurbishments

Before you can start refurbishing your property, you’re going to need to decide how to fund it. Whatever type of refurbishments you’re considering, they’re going to cost money. You’ll also find it’s easy to underestimate how much money the renovations are going to cost. One of the best ways to fund buy to let renovations is to take out unsecured business loans.  

2. Upgrade the doors and windows

When was the last time you upgraded your doors and windows? Over time, they can wear away, becoming less efficient. High-quality windows and doors can lower noise levels, keep the heat indoors and they can ultimately impact the aesthetics of the home. So, consider upgrading them before letting the property out again.

3. Consider using tiles instead of paint

While paint is the number one option for the walls of the home, it isn’t always practical. This is especially true in high-moisture areas. Instead, it’s better to opt for tiles which are easier for tenants to keep clean, and they’re more hygienic. If you are using paint, try to avoid white or really light paint. It may look great, but it won’t stay bright for long. So, using a slightly off-colour paint will help to hide the signs of daily wear and tear.

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4. Fix any repairs

It goes without saying you should focus on fixing any repairs that need doing. You’ll struggle to find new tenants if there are a lot of faults with the property. So, start by going over anything that needs fixing and take care of it, even if the problems are only minor.

5. Pay attention to the flooring

Finally, another big renovation that’s going to make a difference to how easy it is to find tenants, is the flooring. Did you know for example, that laminate installed in the hallway can start to rot over time? This would lead to expensive repairs later down the line. Similarly, carpet shouldn’t be used in bathrooms due to hygiene reasons and solid wood flooring isn’t always practical unless your tenants actually look after it.

These are just some of the things you should consider when refurbishing your buy to let property. If you take care of the big things, you’ll find it much easier to find tenants and set a reasonable rental amount.


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