5 Tips to Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity at Work

5 tips to Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity at Work

The pandemic has had a considerable impact on how businesses operate. In fact, it is possible to make a case that the pandemic has fast-forwarded the method of operations by many years. Work From Home is not something many folks in the professional working community would have thought possible for at least another ten years or so. But now, look at the scene where many businesses have entirely moved to a Work From the Home environment. More companies are likely to follow suit in the coming years.

One of the reasons why businesses have opted to do that, even when government mandates of people gathering in the workplace are more or less gone, is because of the happiness quotient of the employees. It is no secret that the turnover rates of employees in businesses are pretty high. Also, there is another commonly accepted fact that the more engaged and happier the employees are, the better their output would be. Luckily for you, here are some effective ways you can increase your employees’ happiness and productivity at work.

1. Prioritize work-life balance

The work-life balance of the employees working at a company has a huge role in leading a happy work life. It is something you, as a business owner, need to consider as well. Your employees are not machines that can work 24 hours a day without rest; you need to give them proper space when they are off work.

It is common for managers to disturb their employees after work hours, which is not a great experience. People deserve to have downtime, spend some relaxing time with their family, and not worry about work when they don’t need to. Doing such would allow your employees to have a better work-life balance leading to a healthier and stress-free work environment.

2. Flexible working schedules

Your employees are not robots, something we have already stated. They cannot follow a strict schedule every day of their lives. The human species is not built in such a way, and you certainly cannot expect your employees to follow such strict schedules without them feeling burned out sooner or later. One countermeasure that businesses can opt for to prevent that from happening is by giving their workers the option of having flexible working schedules. If the workers do not feel stressed about going to work every day, they can feel freer on their job, leading to a better work environment and even better results. In the end, is not that what all businesses want?

3. Listen to your employees

Yes, leaders make decisions, and followers follow them quite efficiently. This is a success guide for businesses that want to do well in the cutthroat market. But that does not mean for the management to cut the employees from the decision-making process altogether. Employees often feel happier if they are part of the decision process, regardless of how minuscule their input might be. When decisions are made without their input, it could impact their work performance. So, you need to listen to your employees more, get their feedback, and have meetings so that they do not feel left out.

4. Promote from within

Companies that promote from within the existing workforce rather than hiring new personnel whenever there is a higher level opening bounds to perform well in the employee happiness index. Having such practice in place motivates the employees to do well and makes them feel that they are striving for something career-wise.

It is not rocket science to understand that the allure of bigger promotion and higher salary would keep one going. Career growth and upward mobility are essential for your employees’ happiness.

5. Building a positive work environment

Employees would love to spend time being productive if you have a positive work environment in your office space. No one likes sitting in their cubicle for long hours doing meaningless tasks. By enhancing their work experience, you can create a positive work environment. Make sure that your office supplies and equipment are upgraded and that the working space feels welcoming. Even a vending machine and a cafe area at your office could alleviate the whole working experience to a whole new level. You could also set aside some time in your calendar for recreational activities for your employees.

If you are wondering how to increase employee happiness, you will surely find the above-mentioned tips useful. Now, consider implementing all the tips and increase employee happiness easily to boost their productivity while they are working from home and earn more profit out of it. You also find this post useful when considering employee happiness. 

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