5 Types of Business that are on the Up in 2020

5 Types of Business That Are on the Up in 2020

As we entered 2020, the promise of a new decade and a fresh start was appealing for many. With that came new businesses and ventures for the braver among us. For those who took the plunge and started a new business, or those who were hoping for a year of success, 2020 has been a great year for a number of businesses, including…

1. Online Entertainment

With more and more of our world being integrated into the online world, it’s no surprise that online gaming and entertainment is more popular than ever. Online streaming service Netflix has 73.08 million paid users in the US alone, up 12.46 million from this time last year. But it’s not just streaming that has seen a surge this year. Online gaming websites, such as 777 Casino, have seen a huge increase this year, with more people than ever making the most of online entertainment.

2. Food & Drink

The food and drink industry is constantly growing and evolving, and 2020 has been no different. Particularly for innovative food and drink trucks, this year has been a huge success. We’ve seen portable pubs, pizza trucks and gin and tonic pop up bars appear all over the UK this year, bringing in huge success for those behind the innovation.

3. Digital Marketing

As the modern working world continues to develop, the focus on digital is more important than ever. Gone are the days of flyers and leaflets as they make way for videos, billboards and new technology. For all businesses out there, continuing to up your marketing game is crucial for success. To do so, you must stay ahead of the trends. That’s why a lot of companies hire digital marketing agencies to do the hard work for them.

4. Freelance Workers

With increased flexibility in the world of work, it is no surprise that freelance work is on the up. Being able to choose your own schedule, specialise in your specific skill and have the freedom to be your own boss all attracts many employees to the world of freelance. 2020 has seen a huge increase in working from home and for some, this has encouraged them to set up on their own. From authors and illustrators to cleaners and boutique stores, you can set up your own freelance business in almost every industry area. If you’ve been debating going it alone, now may be the best time to do so.

5. Real Estate

With stamp duty land tax being put on hold in 2020, the housing market has boomed. Properties have been selling quickly, for a higher price, bringing huge increase for estate agents. So, if you have been debating getting into real estate, now may be the time to do so.

If you have been considering starting a new business, or have taken the plunge and are benefiting from huge success, these five areas are all on the up in 2020, and could well continue their growth into 2021.

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