5 Types of Clothing Style from Jewish Culture

5 Types of Clothing Style from Jewish Culture
Prayer Shawl – Tallit, jewish religious symbol

Jewish culture is the culture adapted by the people living in Israel and Diaspora around the world. These people are known for their kind act and, wear unique clothes that best represent their religion. Judaism is the religion of Jewish people who they dress up in a simple, yet presentable way.

Most of the men belonging to this culture wear sandals, tunics, and turban, which gives them a perfect identity as affluent property owners or so. According to the Jewish religious policy, married men are supposed to wear specific clothes before they take part in prayers as a sign of respecting their tradition. Jews were supposed to wear attire only in blue colour in the Land of Yemen as stated by Erich Brauer, a German ethnographer.

Listed below are the different clothing styles followed by Jews.

1. Jewish Tzitzit

According to the beliefs of the Jewish people, the tzitzit of the people must be attached to any one of the four-cornered garment with fringes on the corner. The string in blue colour is called techelet. This specific blue coloured techelet must be attached to the Jewish’s tzitzit.

2. Kippah

Male Jews tie this skullcap around the head most of the times. Both men and women are free to wear a Kippah. The ideology behind this Kippah in the belief of Jews is to express their due respect and love to the Almighty. This is worn to make a distinction of Jews from Christians in a gathering or prayer meeting.

3. Tallit Kattan

The Tallit Kattan is an important accessory of the Jews as they wear it during prayer sessions with so much devotion to god. They consider it divine and, usually wear it at the times of morning prayers.

4. Kittel

This specific clothing is allowed to be worn only by leaders at times of sincere Jewish prayers. The groom can also wear clothing during weddings. In a few Jewish families, the leader of the house wears Kittel during Passover Seder meal also, done as a small gesture of paying honours to the Almighty.

Likewise, married female Jews are also expected to follow a style for clothing according to the religious law policies in the Eastern part of the world. They are said to dress up decently and, protect their head with any kind of clothing before taking part in any prayer. They wear scarf, beret, hat, and snood which is referred to as sheitel or a wig.

5. Sheitel

According to the Islamic community, many female Jews hide their head by wearing wig-like clothing on top of their head. The rules state that women should not expose their face to prevent other men from getting attracted to them.


Female and male Jews have a different set of clothes to wear for their prayers. It is essential to follow the rules for both genders to show their reverence to god. To conclude, Jews who dress up according to tradition are real assets to the Jewish religion.

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