5 Unique Engagement Rings to Buy in 2020

The best way to propose your partner for marriage is to pop the question with a beautiful and unique ring. The engagement rings have evolved over a period of time from traditional diamonds to the trendy designs like the dramatic diamond cuts and quirky bands. A lot of new designs have hit the markets which have become extremely popular because they stand out and make a style statement. So whether you ask your partner for marriage with a ring or go shopping together for the engagement ring after the proposal, make sure to check out the latest designs and the buy one which your fiancée will absolutely adore. Listed below are five unique and trending designs of engagement rings which you can look for when you go shopping.

Vintage Design Rings: Designer rings of the past, especially the Georgian era, have made a comeback this year owing to their unique and elaborate designs. Oval cut diamonds with a halo setting or rose cut diamond surrounded by tiny pearl accents are the highlight of the vintage designs which have a regal look, unlike any other ring. Vintage rings are also characterized by whimsical geometric patterns and intricately designed accents which definitely stand out. The emerald cut diamond placed horizontally on the finger rather than vertically surrounded by engraved settings make a beautiful combination of retro and the modern eras. If vintage rings appeal to your partner, you can opt for a pearl center stone rather than a diamond. Pearls are cost effective and stand for royalty in simplicity. A circular or oval shaped pearl circumscribed by tiny diamonds makes for a classic vintage style ring that will truly make for a unique piece.

Unconventional Bands: Rings having stones set in a linear pattern have become extremely popular of late. They are not just different from the rest but are also as dramatic as the rings with solitaires. A band that looks like you are wearing multiple pieces is another style to watch out for. Bands with intricate carvings or pave set bands with different shapes of stones also stand out from the rest. When it comes to bands, the open ended ring designs have been trending this year. The elegant and sleek designs of these rings make them look stylish, exclusive and special. You can find a number of unique band type engagement ring designs at the Hatton Garden Jewellers which are eye catching and trendy.

Cluster Rings: Cluster rings are those which have multiple gemstones and are best known for their shine and sparkle. Rings having three or five stones are becoming one of the most desired rings this year. Stones of different shapes and sizes set at different angles in the ring make it look offbeat giving it a modern touch. Most people choose to have a large center stone flanked by one or two differently shaped stone on either side. A gemstone of your choice coupled with a diamond in an open halo setting is also an iconic design which is bound to become a trendsetter.

Colored Diamonds and Gemstones: Diamonds have been considered as the go to stones when it comes to engagement rings for a long time. But the new trend is all about color. You can choose any gemstone of your choice as the center stone for your engagement ring. Having a different colored center stone makes the ring look out of the ordinary and remarkable. You can choose blue sapphire, a deep red ruby or a royal green emerald. The sapphire gemstone is available in a variety of colors such as yellow, teal, purple, orange and pink and you can choose any one or more as per your choice. Opting for a gemstone which is your partner’s birthstone or a favorite color will add a personal touch to the ring. Lab grown diamonds which are colored also make for a great choice when it comes to colorful gemstones.

Customized Engagement Rings: A ring which has been customized to match your taste and style cannot be more unique. A lot of people opt for signet rings with their initials engraved on it as their engagement rings. You can also get creative and make your own ring design which the professionals at Hatton Garden Jewellers will help you bring to life. You can buy the center stone of the ring separately and choose a yellow gold, rose gold or a platinum setting the way you want it. You can also have something personal engraved on the metal band to truly make the ring one of a kind.

Give a bit of an edge to your engagement rings with the ideas stated above and propose to your loved one before you finally plan your beach wedding destination. Impress your fiancée with these new trendy designs and surprise her with a ring that flatters all.

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