Stupid Startup Ideas

No startup idea is stupid; unless
it is really stupid. Following horribly stupid ideas question us why someone
would invest their money on such startups? What more shocking is that even
though the company’s existence raises a question, somehow, they manage to make
big bucks, even in the range of six-digit salary. So, without further ado, let’s
look into five wacky ideas of startup that would leave you dumbfounded.   

  1. Reserve a spot in

Yeah, you read it right. If
you’re sure that you’re a heaven person, you should reserve your seat. Who
knows the busy angels are letting only those in who had put their name down. It
is understandable that you have life insurance that could help the people you
love after your unfortunate death. However, you should think about your
afterlife also. A Seattle-based company offers a total package including a
travel kit, heaven 101 booklet, boarding passes, and certificate of
reservation. More importantly, if the angels deny your reservations, the
company offers 100% cash back.

After a long day, all you need is
someone to hold on to and sleep cuddling with someone. However, being single
has its downfalls. No, worries! There is a startup that offers professional
cuddling. Before you say there is no such thing, there are certified cuddlers
who let you book a session with them. The Portland-based startup make sure that
customers understand their consent and boundaries and its owner, Samantha Hess
wants to change the world, by one hug at a time!

Before you say everyone once suffer from a fake relation,
look at this because it offers an experience of a platonic yet fake
relationship. As the name suggests, the startup lets you choose your plus-one
for the date and events including weddings to work functions, where it is
unbearable to be left alone. You have to select your date from a list of persons,
state number of hours your event will be, and the startup will organize your
date for you. The Sydney-based company came up with this bizarre idea, but who
could ever say no to a platonic evening with someone, right?

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Sending a love letter is so old school. This company wants
you to send messages on potatoes. Whether it is a birthday or anniversary, no
one expects a gift that unveils a potato saying, “I love you”. The company wants
to offer people an alternative to greeting card and flowers. The owner of the
startup sells $9.99 potatoes with written messages and the annual sale of the
company has crossed six figures. Go figure!

Who doesn’t like to give surprises to your loved ones? However, the stress of planning the surprise and being secretive about it is not everyone’s cup of tea. This Hyderabad-based startup takes care of everything. Oyehappy not only plans but also executes surprises for your dear ones. They offer customized gifts for special occasions and events. The business gained so much popularity that they had to shut down their ad agency.

If you look at every startup idea, somehow it is based on our laziness. From being lazy to plan a surprise party to finding a date, our laziness has given the business owners the idea and the worst part is that they are making money out of it. If that’s how we want to live our lives, it’s better that we book a ticket to heaven and be done with it.



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