5th Generation Warfare – What Businesses Need to Know?

5th Generation Warfare - What Businesses Need to Know?

5th generation warfare, shortly known as 5GW, does not involve any military attack on an enemy’s country such as missiles, rockets, etc. Instead, it is solely focused on non-military actions such as cyberattacks leading to data breaches. Adding to this is the fact that hackers encrypt and lock the entire network of businesses unless a heavy extortion money is paid.

5GW leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence allowing machines and systems at part with human’s intelligence levels. Unfortunately, this same technology making it advantageous for businesses, will also make them extremely vulnerable for increased cyber security threats.

Hackers can easily leverage the speed and efficiency of 5G networks to launch attacks with far more devastating consequences that we have seen so far.

Blackmatter Ransomware – The Looming Danger for Businesses

After trampling the Colonial Pipeline and cutting down its nationwide supply lines, Japanese giant Olympus had been experiencing suspicious activities earlier this month.

Olympus specializes in the production of reprography technology for the medical and life sciences industries, a key component in saving human lives.

Suddenly all hell broke loose. The serves came to a grinding halt. These are a few glimpses of the lethality of the ‘BlackMatter’ ransomware. It is a super-coded worm that inflicts the servers inadvertently, thereby attacking a company employing over 31,600 people all across the world.

Ransomware as a Service – The Emerging Business Model

It isn’t businesses using SaaS technology to grow. Hackers are doing the same thing, and Blackmatter is no different. It uses a sophisticated method of RaaS (ransomware as a service), which is a subscription-based model.

Hackers can buy the subscription to stage attacks from already developed hacking tools, where the original vendor (read blackmatter in this case) makes money through every “sale” being generated.

As conventional warfare turns into a hybrid one; the shifting sands also change the dynamics of weapons. Ransomware is the new mischievous kid in the town that could shove your business into an abyss from the cliff. The cybercriminals infiltrate the enterprises, steal vital information, encrypt data, and exact hefty sums for restoration, taking leverage of ransomware. Some of the major cyberattacks of 2021 up till now are:

  • REvil sabotage in Nevada hospital attack.
  • Ransomware attack at Singapore’s eye clinic.
  • Conti ransomware attack on Nokia’s subsidiary.

The list is never-ending. Every dawn emerges and dusk breaks with news of a cyber attack. 

Social Engineering Could Turn the Fortunes

Social engineering is a new phenomenon that could turn the tides of your successful business. In short, it is a systematic regime that sways opinion through widespread (mis)information with the help of bots. It’s human psychology that opinions are 80% galvanized by optics. We start thinking about what we are force-reading. In sum, social engineering plays a make-or-break role. 

This sugar-coated poison against the well-being of your enterprise’s health can only be neutralized by building a solid cybersecurity policy. Furthermore, social engineering has become a plinth of marketing in the era of Fifth-generation warfare.

Cyberspace is the new arena where the cloak-and-dagger chase is going on. Businesses are always at the risk of a breach that could bring the credibility of data protection policies at stake. 

Businesses need to understand that now is the time to rope in cybersecurity consultants and experts. The investment could lead you to a safe path amid all the hazards of cyber threats.

Final Verdict

The gist of all the information above could be summarized in a single sentence, “professional help is a prerequisite to every business at the backdrop of Fifth-generation warfare.”

Whether it be menacing ransomware, negative social engineering, or some highly technical ransomware gangs like BlackMatter; a solid backup plan needs to be made!

The services come at a cost in varying forms such as one-off payments and subscription charges. Having said that, considering the gigantic threat level, an investment in a solid cybersecurity policy is worth it, saving your business from data breaches and PR disasters.

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