6 Cool Gadgets That Can Help Improve Your Health

6 Cool Gadgets That Can Help Improve Your Health

The health and wellness industry has been on a steady market value rise in the past decade. Now more than ever, young and older adults alike are paying close attention to the foods they are ingesting, and the habits they are taking to better their health.

Still, there exists a small gap between what can viably be achieved by dieting, exercise, and supplements alone and the average individual’s optimal health desire. In the past few years, the tech sphere has been trying — in some areas, with great success — to infiltrate this niche.

Health and Wellness tech may be new, but many of its offerings have been tried and tested and found to have notably positive results on its users. Here are a few cool products you may want to try out for yourself or to gift a loved one in need of a health boost.

1. The Omron Evolv To Monitor Blood Pressure

With anxiety and stress being on the rise among Millenials, your blood circulation and pressure can often be the first signal that you are straining your body and mind. When left unmonitored, both high and low blood pressure can cause malaise, and lead to health complications such as strokes and arrhythmias.

This is where the Omron Evolv comes in: it provides a comfortable, simple and highly accurate means of monitoring your blood pressure from anywhere, at any time. The Omron Evolv is a particularly slick gadget, being light to the touch and equipped with smart technology capable of sending your blood pressure signals to your loved ones through a pre-installed app. 

2. The Scott Soup Maker To Get Your 5 A Day

Nutrition is primordial to good health, however getting your 5 fruits and vegetables a day can be challenging when you don’t have much time to cook. Smoothies and soups have become increasingly popular in the past few years because they’re a tasty and easy way to cater to all your fruit and veg nutritional needs at once with a delicious, easy to ingest meal.

However, few gadgets will do the trick as well as the Scott Soup maker: combining efficiency, ease of use and a wonderful auto-cleaning feature, this product is ideal for the health-conscious, dynamic adult on the move.

3. LARQ Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Hydration is key to a healthy blood supply and flow, and the constant regeneration of your cells. The LARQ Smart Self-Cleaning water bottle uses solar energy from UV light to purify your water in just one minute (exactly 60 seconds), and cleans itself every 2 hours.

With the LARQ smart bottle, you can be certain to never run out of pure, drinkable water, without having to bother with cleaning it yourself, or worse — contributing to the pollution of our planet with the constant purchase and disposal of plastic PET water bottles.

4. The MUSE 2 Anti-Stress Meditation Headband

What if you could combine meditation with hearing exercises? The MUSE headband was initially designed to train its wearer into clearing their mind, thus lowering stress levels. However, it can also serve to provide you with practice tuning into ambient sounds, such as chirping birds and soft rain.

This is particularly useful for those suffering from hearing loss (if you’re uncertain whether your hearing has deteriorated, you may want to reach out to a Phonak Hearing Care Specialist) looking for pro-active ways of regaining their hearing sensitivity.

5. The Nima Portable Gluten Tester

6-7% of adults suffer from gluten sensitivity, and for many, this can mean giving up on eating out altogether. This can be miserable, particularly if you enjoy the socializing aspect of eating out or having a take-out with your friends; yet, it may seem a better alternative to the migraines, bouts of nausea and even stomach flu-like symptoms ignoring your sensitivity altogether will likely engender.

The Nima portable tester removes the need for this painful compromise, by allowing you to test the gluten contents of foods and sauces, from anywhere, at any time. The tester is equipped with several, rechargeable test capsules and features a proprietary app that will detect any gluten content in tested foods, and help you track your daily gluten intake.

6. Fitbit Area 2 Weighing ScaleS to Monitor Your Fitness

Traditional weighing scales can be depressing, in that they only will inform you of weight loss or weight gain, without letting you know how much fat you’ve been losing and muscle you’ve been gaining, what your heart rate and water percentage is, or even what your bone mass currently stands at.

This is where the Fitbit Area 2 succeeds: rather than give you ambiguous, potentially discouraging information. It lets you know where your body is at on every important scale, allowing you to monitor varied bodily changes, and areas that may need improvement.

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