6 IT projects to boost your tech career – CIO

Most tech professionals don’t need prodding to upskill — adopting new technology is just part of the appeal for working in the field. But the COVID pandemic has heightened focus and revealed needs in a few areas in particular: remote work, cloud computing, and self-learning. For proactive tech workers, self-directed projects in emerging areas can provide new career opportunities and a sense of security in uncertain times.

Tech leaders offered ideas on how to explore projects on your own or join a pilot project, with an eye toward future career advancement. They also offered tips on which domains seem the most promising to dive into for such a project, considering technologies primed to grow and stay in demand beyond 2021. 

And there’s a common theme running through their advice: Focus not just on the technology in question but develop a clear plan to employ it in a way that drives business value for the organization, by fulfilling a need, streamlining a process, or otherwise solving a notable business problem.

Read on for a handful of self-driven tech projects that are most likely to boost your tech career.

Go end-to-end in the cloud


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