6 Main Things to Know Before Gambling Online for the First Time

If you are a new gambler or planning to become one, there are a few things you need to know first. Although simple to comprehend, these are essential factors and tips that can help you find and play at the best online casino in the UK. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Gamble only at casinos with a gambling license

The first and crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should gamble only at casinos with a license. It is obtained from gambling authorities and for British players, United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is responsible. They are a part of the government and they will make sure that every single player is protected and has all the rights when it comes to any form of gambling.

Although there are other gambling authorities such as MGA, eGaming Curacao, and several others, they are generic and they do not cover UK players. Anyway, they still make an online casino a safe and fair place to gamble.

2. Bonuses are always available

Around 47% of people from the United Kingdom are gamblers. They gamble at least once per week, although many gamble 2 or more times. This means that online casinos are looking for a way to attract new players. They give bonuses you definitely need to take.

Bonuses are free money and they can be used to boost your odds, to win more, and also to play on a budget. The best example is a welcome bonus, given by almost every single casino. In simple terms, when a player deposits funds, the casino will increase the balance by a specific percentage specified in the bonus terms. It is usually 100% but some casinos offer 200% or even more.

So, if you deposit £10, you will get an additional £10 from the casino and you will end up with £20 to play with. This is just an example. There are countless bonuses and most of them do the same thing. All of those should be used.

3. You can gamble with £1 deposit

Believe it or not, now you can deposit as low as £1 and play with it online. Add the fact casino will accredit your account with a bonus and you get even more. This is the case with low-deposit online casinos. The minimum deposit can be anywhere between £1 and £20. The idea here is or a player to check out the games, fairness, customer support, and also win with the lowest investment possible. These gambling establishments are extremely popular and commonly enjoyed by beginners and players who are on a budget.

There is one more thing we can mention here. Most UK casinos are on GamStop. The idea here is that a player can register with this provider if he worries about gambling addiction. As such, all casinos inside the network won’t accept that particular player for a specified period of time.

However, some are not members of this network, non Gamstop casinos are really popular in UK because usually they provide more bonuses and better games. They include Very Well Casino, Magic Reels Casino, Agent NoWager Casino, Fruity Chance Casino, and many others.

4. There are countless games to play

While in land casino you can see 100-200 games to play, online casino offers much more. A high-end site will offer over 2.000 games for you to play. Most of these are slots, but there are others as well. Usually, casinos offer many variations of casino table games, aforementioned video slots, and live casino games.

All of these games are within your disposal and you can play each one at any given moment and as long as you like. We should add that playing via a mobile phone, a smartphone is possible and rather common these days. Some casinos do offer apps, but most of them do not require one. You can play using a web browser on your device.

5. Pick the banking method you are most comfortable with

In order to play at an online casino, you must deposit funds. There are multiple options for that. They are known as banking or payment methods. For instance, you can use Visa and other debit cards, bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and many others. There are over 40 different methods to choose from. Most but not all can be used for withdrawals as well. Keep in mind that Neteller and Skrill may be excluded from welcome bonus offers.

The goal here is to pick a method that you already have used for online shopping or the one that will keep your transactions private and secure. The most secure methods at the moment are the ones using cryptocurrencies.

Don’t forget that online casinos always use SSL encryption and they do not share information with third parties. What this means is that you are safe to play there and there are no complications or issues to worry about. Add the fact all banking options use the same and there are no things to worry about in this case scenario.

6. Online casinos offer better odds than real-world casinos

Land or real world casinos have higher expenses than online casinos. They have a higher house advantage to cover those expenses. In simple terms, the land casino will offer lower RTO (return to player) than an online casino. While land casinos offer between 87% and 91% of RTP, online casinos offer between 93% and 99%. For all gamblers, this is a clear advantage.

Add the fact that you get better bonuses and more promotions at an online casino, lower stakes and you can deduce clearly why this form of gambling is so popular at the moment. Don’t forget that live casino games are available at online casinos, which should mimic the experience you have while playing table games at mortar casinos.


Online casinos come in style. There are many of them with even more games and promotions. Better odds, availability, and versatility are the main factors that made these gambling establishments so popular. Now you know all the points you need to implement before making the first deposit to any online casino and test your luck.

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