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6 Qualities Employees Want from Their Employer

When you hire employees to work for you, being a good boss can make all the difference when it comes to your company’s profit, productivity, and reputation. A boss who is a good leader will build better relationships with their employees, prioritising employee satisfaction, and improving the workplace morale. All of this contributes to better results, leading to a stellar reputation amongst your customers. Here are just some of the main things that employees in all industries look for in a good boss:

#1. Approachability:

Nobody wants to work for a boss who they find difficult to talk to, so as a manager, be sure that you are approachable. An ‘open door’ policy in your office will create a stronger relationship between you and your employees. However, for it to work effectively, you must also be an approachable person who your team feels comfortable bringing any comments, suggestions or even grievances to.

#2. Education:

When you are leading a team, the team members will expect you to be educated in your field. After all, as the boss, your employees will be trusting you to know more than they do when it comes to work tasks and processes. Along with this, you can also benefit from training courses that specifically focus on improving your leadership skills. And, one of the biggest benefits that employees look for today when choosing a career is the opportunity to expand their own skills and develop, so that they can eventually move up the ladder. Providing them with the opportunity to learn on the job or complete additional training programs will make you a more attractive employer.

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#3. Positive Attitude:

When managing a team of employees, it is important to understand that your attitude will influence theirs. So, if you have a negative attitude in the workplace and always see the bad side of things, chances are that your employees are going to be the same, leading to lower levels of employee satisfaction, a higher turnover, and poor workplace morale. On the other hand, employers who demonstrate a positive, can-do attitude at work are more likely to influence their employees’ moods for the better.

#4. Personal Investment:

When it comes to picking a good employer, most employees would go for the one who invests in their personal development. Along with getting to know your team as individuals and learning a little bit about them, to be a good leader, you should be interested in helping your team to go far and supporting them in their success. One of the best ways to do this is to help them develop and work better together as a team. Organise team building events and days away from the office where your team can get to know each other better. Check out these corporate hospitality packages from as an example.  

#5. Honesty:

Being honest with your employees is going to earn you a lot more respect than simply hiding things from them. When surveyed, 84% of employees who participated in a study conducted by a leadership training provider reported preferring a boss who is able to honestly own up to their mistakes. As a leader, it’s always important to be sure that you are providing the best example for your team. So, honesty and integrity should always be your biggest priorities.

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#6. Appreciation:

Last but not least, the best employees out there are looking out for a boss who really appreciates them and what they have to offer. As a good boss, saying thank you to your employees and really meaning it is often more important than anything. And, employees who feel that they are noticed and appreciated at work will often work harder and be more loyal.

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