6 TikTok Features That You Can Use to Manage Your Account

6 TikTok Features That You Can Use to Manage Your Account

The popularity of TikTok has exploded among teens worldwide, with millions of people signing up for the service. TikTok is the hottest new app around. The Chinese corporation ByteDance owns the video-sharing social networking startup TikTok in China. TikTok allows users to post a wide variety of short-form films, including dance, comedy, and educational content. Sharing short videos on TikTok is the most popular method of doing it on the internet. Music videos and other short, influencer-produced videos are the most common uses of this format.

An app-provided tool makes it easy to create short viral films. Checking the number of followers your favorite TikTok influencers have is simple, as there are ways that help you know your TikTok follower count. When it comes to digital marketing, this is especially useful. The TikTok app has also helped popularize many dance and music styles. For your benefit, we’ve put together this guide.

1. Control Your Privacy

To restrict access to your videos, you can set your account to only permit friends and family to view them. Follow the guidelines listed below. After tapping Profile in the lower right corner, click Settings from the three-line menu in the upper right corner. Settings and privacy are the options in the pop-up menu. Toggle on “Privacy.” Password-protect the account if necessary. Swipe the button to the right to activate a private account.

As a result, only people you’ve approved will be able to see your videos without your knowledge or consent. The search engines won’t be able to locate you. To control your privacy, you don’t even need a private account. If you have recommended other accounts, click the buttons to select the amount TikTok recommends.

2. Choose Pinned Videos

Since TikTok is primarily a video-sharing platform, users do not have the option of quickly browsing and reading a profile’s content. Scanning thumbnails is simple because they are essentially cropped versions of the originals. Thumbnails, on the other hand, offer just one snapshot of an entire film’s worth. As a result, people rarely scroll through a profile unless they’re particularly interested in the content or looking for a specific video.

3. Use TikTok Voiceover

Using the TikTok app, record your TikTok vlog or voiceover as normal. The posting screen will then appear after clicking Next. After recording your screen, turn on your microphone and start recording. While recording your screen, you can preview your TikTok video by touching the thumbnail to the right of the caption. What is happening in the clip? Narrate it as you watch the TikTok video.

You can see and hear everything that happens on your phone screen. Finish recording the screen and close the TikTok preview. Trim the start and end points of your screenshot to remove the white spaces. This method will get rid of the glaring gaps. After that, in TikTok, go to the Upload icon.

4. Have Customizable Folders for Your Favorites

It may be tough to find what you’re looking for if you conduct an extensive search. You must search through your list of favorite videos to locate the thumbnail of the desired video. TikTok allows you to do more than just “like” videos. It’s also possible to keep your favorite sound effects. Finding your favorite songs could be even more time-consuming than tracking down your favorite videos. Some sounds uploaded by users can be hard to find because their names aren’t always consistent.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, clicking on it and playing it is the only way to find a sound. Users will be able to categorize and organize their favorite media using folders. It’s now easier to differentiate between the amusing skits you want to share with your friends and the dance tutorials you want to practice on your own.

5. Adjust TikTok Clips

You may discover that the time of your TikTok video is off after you’ve filmed it. You may have filmed for longer than planned, or you may want to rearrange the clips in a different order. Tap on the Adjust Clips button to perform this task. The Adjust Clips tab allows you to move clips around by dragging and dropping them. Using the “Adjust Clips” function, you may fine-tune the timing of complex transitions.

6. Use Songs from TikTok Videos

TikTok’s music and sound effects are easy to incorporate into your videos. You don’t have to perform it as a duet with the other person. Using the sound from a TikTok is as simple as tapping on the record icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You’ll see a list of videos that have featured this sound on the next screen. Just keep tapping. To add audio to your movie, position it in the screen’s bottom center. Once you see the recording screen, you are ready to go. You may use the sound to create a lip-sync video or do whatever you want with it as soon as you start recording your video.


This article’s recommendations and features for TikTok can significantly improve your content and account. Keeping tabs on the latest TikTok features can help you remain on top of the latest trends and maximize your content and account. The items on this list will help you stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

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