Irrespective of your age, the internet has lots of packages to offer for everyone. Particularly in education, there are a good number of useful and accessible features such as work for checkers, plagiarism checker, essay checker, define dispelled words, essay corrector, and the likes. The online academic resources on the internet are inexhaustible, and it is advised that students take hold of this golden opportunity.

When it comes to education, there are some sites which have profound resources that are useful for self-education, hence, you might not need to visit the four walls of a classroom for that extra degree. These online sites teach you how to write an essay, and check with work for checkers or plagiarism detect, they teach you how to answer tough questions pertaining to your line of study amongst others.

Best Online Sites for Self-education

The sites listed below are the best for self-education:

1. Coursera

This is a well-known website which is famous for its partnerships with various organizations and universities in the world. It is a website which has amazing features such as work for checkers for essay writing and the likes. It comes with a large database which students will find useful.

This website happens to be a proficient tool for free online education, and it offers several courses courtesy of top universities, and these courses have a very broad range of in-depth study.

This is a useful website, particularly for those who want to inquire into various topics of courses from different colleges or universities.

2. Khan Academy

This is another notable website for self-education. For those who need guidelines on how to write an essay, and use plagiarism detect or an essay checker, this website comes in handy. With the free essay check and essay corrector feature on these sites, students would certainly have better marks with their essays.

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Khan Academy comes with an interface which is well-structured and easy to use, and it offers in-depth knowledge on various subjects.

Khan Academy is one of the websites which helps you to achieve your education learning goals.

3. Open Culture

Open Culture is famous for its proficiency when it comes to self-education resources. This site comes with an essay corrector, plagiarism detect and a free essay check which students will find useful. Open Culture has a big list of free online education courses, and you can access lots of podcasts, videos, and lectures from top universities in the world.

This implies that you can access lots of universities courses, without the need to visit each university’s site. Open Culture comes with lots of helpful educational resources for everyone.

4. Udemy

Udemy is another top site which is proficient for self-education, and the free courses which this site offers, are similar to that of Coursera. For students who want to learn how to write an essay, this site comes with an essay checker and an to proffer professional corrections.

Udemy also allows users to form their own courses from the lessons available on the site. In addition, the site works with top academicians and universities, and the contents on this site are high-quality ones.

5. Academic Earth

 If you need self-education, this is one of the sites which you need to check out. This site comes with a truckload of courses from various top-notch schools all over the world.

For instance, students who need help writing an essay would find this site useful, because it teaches you how to use features such as a plagiarism checker and the likes.

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It is very easy to find what you are looking for on Academic Earth because the site is well structured. It lists courses separately in an orderly manner, the same applies to the subjects and school.

6. Alison

 Alison is a great website for self-education, however, it focuses majorly on some specific aspects such as Language, business, health, and technology. For instance, students who want to learn more about how to write a good essay would find Alison useful, as it has some materials and resources which are dedicated for that purpose. Hence, for people who want to know more about the aforementioned aspects, Alison is the site for you. Alison is a site which gives certification for learning, and it offers various courses which are in line with top universities’ curriculum.

7. ITunesU

This is a very convenient platform for self-education because it works effortlessly with all Apple mobile devices. Desktop users can gain entry into iTunes by visiting iTunes store. This site comes with several learning materials and resources, and most times, these courses contain either podcasts or videos. There are a good number of courses which you can find on iTunes. However, it does not work on non-Apple devices.

All the sites mentioned above are useful for self-education, due to the fact that they have a large database of courses from top universities all over the world. Asides these sites, there are many others, but using any of these seven sites is a sure guarantee for success and academic improvement.

A good number of the courses which these sites offer are free, and the paid courses are very affordable. People who use online sites for self-education will attest to the fact that it is convenient and you can learn at your own pace based on your own schedule. Learning becomes very interesting having all the needed educational materials at your beck and call.

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