7 Do’s and Don’ts of CBD Marketing

7 Do's and Don'ts of CBD Marketing

For many, cannabis is synonymous with marijuana, the notorious substance plant.Cannabis contains CBD and CBD is one of about 85 cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, it lacks the THC which is responsible for causing psychoactive effects like hallucination and other high effects. Here is how to get CBD without THC; click on this

On the contrary, the medical benefits of CBD are increasingly getting scientifically proven with each passing day. Given that, it’s not surprising that the cannabinoid’s popularity as a medicine has been spreading like wildfire. Today, you can easily buy it as an over-the-counter drug. 

But it does have its gray area due to its family connection with the notorious and banned marijuana. This creates promoting your cannabis brand, a huge challenge. We make the task easier by specifying the seven do’s and don’ts of CBD marketing. Stay hooked!

1.   DO Know Your State Laws:

Today, many states have legalized the sale of hemp-derived cannabis for medical use. But there is plenty of fine print involved. There are complicated, confusing, and complicated laws at local, state, federal, and international levels that can be quite tricky to understand and adhere to. Hence, you must be well versed and seek all clarifications before you advance with the CBD marketing and sales. 

2.   DON’T Make Any Medical Claims you can’t support:

It is not uncommon to come across claims which hail the CBD as the miracle cannabinoid. It is touted to be the magical medicine for a plethora of diseases like epilepsy, cancer, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. 

The FTC and FDA would inevitably deem this as misleading the consumers and would step in and ban your brand. This is because we still lack enough and comprehensive scientific proof to support the claim. The best way would be to tout about the general wellness that cannabis offers. For any specific disease relief, always ask your customers to consult their doctor. Additionally, you can always make a natural or cosmetic claim without facing any legal complications. For instance , there are enough studies on CBD gummies that claim they are effective in overall stress management.So , you may buy JustCBD gummies of low potency to reap the benefits and alleviate stress.

3.   DO Know and Research Your Market and Target Customers:  

Like any other marketing venture, The CBD branding journey also begins with understanding your target audience, requirements, and pain points. With this knowledge and insight, you can understand which product to serve them and how to position your products. 

One good way to achieve this is to review your sales data, set up customer personas, conduct competitive analysis, etc. Do not be surprised if the insight leads to a whole new audience and target customers. 

4.   DON’T Advertise Marijuana-Derived CBD  

Many states have now legalized marijuana, but this psychoactive cannabis compound is still federally illegal. Likewise, marijuana-derived is also technically illegal. However, you can advertise hemp=derived CBD. Since the hemp-derived CBD has no THC, it is federally legal to advertise about them.In case you are selling marijuana-based CBD, it’s best to let the customer discover it in your store and its credibility spread with word of mouth advertisement. 

5.   DO Employ Tried and Tested Marketing Strategies:  

Advertising and marketing the CBD Canada products need the same marketing strategies that you would need for any other product. The only difference is that you need to be more cautious and legally compliant. Few marketing strategies that can be reemphasized are 

  • Conducting thorough keyword research and using those keywords in titles, metatags, video and picture descriptions, etc. such that they land the customers on your website homepage. 
  • Making your website and all published content SEO-optimized as well as following all SEO practices to gather maximum visibility and traffic for your website. 
  • Adopting a razor-sharp content strategy preferably by outsourcing it to a professional content marketing agency such that you keep getting repeat visitors returning for more. 
  • The link-building strategy never fails to deliver the requisite results. 
  • Analytics prove the ultimate tool in monitoring the progress of any CBD marketing campaign. Software like Optimizely, SEMrush, Kissmetrics, etc. proves invaluable. 

6.   DON’T Let Product Quality Fall:

You can employ all kinds of strategies, but your ultimate success lies in the products. It needs to be strong and result-yielding to ultimately bring ROI to your business. Hence, you must always maintain an uncompromising standard of products with its THC level less than 0.3 percent as specified by law. It is your products only that would ultimately drive its success. Besides this, you should market your CBD product like CBD foot mask for relief with proper testing reports regularly. It brings more trust among prospective buyers. 

7.   DO Differentiate Your Brand  

The competition in the CBD products niche is rising to the level that it is becoming overpopulated. This makes it essential for you to differentiate your brand and stand apart from the crowd. It can be achieved again by following few tried and tested strategies like:

  • Engaging your customers and interacting with them.
  • Clearly communicate your brand message which must be powerful enough to resonate with your target audience. 
  • Keep educating your customers as awareness about this product is low. 
  • Hire influencers to help grow your brand identity on various social media platforms 
  • Cater to both new and loyal customers albeit with different strategies. 

Similarly, there are several other techniques that you can easily employ and build a strong brand identity and online presence. 

Wrapping Up  

The CBD products market is still in its infancy, but the extent of attention, noise,  and change it attracts is overwhelming. The challenge intensifies with laws around CBD marketing being murky to the very least.  You need to be a step ahead to be successful in the game. Combining all the above efforts with hiring a seasoned direct marketing agency will soon lead you to the path of success. 

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