7 Features Your E-commerce Website Needs

Thinking of creating an eCommerce website? Or you already have one. No matter the case, everyone’s goal is to make it successful. But the successes of any eCommerce site doesn’t entirely depend on the products it is selling.

After all, every eCommerce website is unique in its own way. Some sites are unique due to their sizes. Others stand out because of their functionality and the traffic they generate. Nonetheless, there are specific features that make a site successful in the eCommerce world.

It is tricky to include multiple features on your site. Like most e-commerce site owners, you’re probably wondering what features to include in your website design. Deciding can be overwhelming considering that there are dozens of features to add to a new or existing site. 

A successful site doesn’t have to include tons of features. But any successful site must have specific features to thrive.  Here are the crucial 7 features your site needs to have:

1.  A Mobile-Friendly Design

7 Features Your E-commerce Website Needs

The average online consumer today doesn’t entirely depend on their computer or laptop. Consumers nowadays shop on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There’s a chance that most of the consumers shopping at your eCommerce site will shop from their mobile devices.

So, your eCommerce site should have a mobile-friendly design. It should be compatible with mobile devices and optimized for mobile use. Your site should display effectively on as many mobile devices as possible.

Consumers spend little time browsing eCommerce sites. Including a search bar in your site is imperative.  A search bar makes it easier for online shoppers to locate the products they need from your site.

It allows them to type the name of the product they are interested in and then search it directly. You could be losing potential clients if your site doesn’t have a search bar. The presence of a search bar can influence consumers to either browse or ignore your site.

Your search bar should be easy to locate. It doesn’t have to be the first feature on your site. But users should easily find it when they land on your site.  Place your search bar at the top-center of your site. It should also be large enough for consumers to locate and click it with ease.

3.  A Shopping Cart

An eCommerce site has to offer a secure payment method to clients. Online businesses normally overlook the importance of a shopping cart. Nonetheless, this vital feature should be available on your site. It allows you to receive payments from clients conveniently.

Your shopping cart should include safety features to protect consumers’ personal details. It should also provide multiple payment methods. The shopping cart should allow customers to add or remove products from their orders.

4.  Contact Details

Consumers need to communicate with online businesses whenever they have any concerns, questions, or issues.  Providing your contact details on your site will allow customers to contact you conveniently.

Phone numbers and email addresses are among the vital contact details that should feature on your site. You also need to provide clients with information about your social media platforms. Social media contacts allow you to resolve customers’ issues more efficiently.

5.  Product Information

Your site shouldn’t simply list the products you are selling. Good products can fail to sell if they aren’t presented well. Product information needs to be outlined under every product on sale. The information should describe everything about the product.

It should describe what every product on your site offers and how it helps the client. That means it should explain why consumers need the product. Properly outline the essential features of every product and how to use the listed products.

6.  User-friendly

Ease of use is the most important feature of a good eCommerce site. Simplicity should be your goal while designing your website. Online shoppers have a second to decide whether to purchase from an online store or not, depending on their shopping experience.

Focus on making your site user friendly. Let clients get what they want fast without them undergoing unnecessary complexity. Make your site user friendly by providing clients with shopping categories, comparison capabilities, and filters.

7.  High-Resolution Videos and Photos

Shoppers don’t need to read lengthy product information sections.  Photos and videos will save them the time they need to read through such sections. But your site needs to feature high-resolution videos and photos that allow shoppers to get a glimpse into how products look like. 

The loading time for videos and photos is equally crucial. Photos or videos that don’t load or either load slowly can scare shoppers from your site.

However, your photos and videos shouldn’t just be of high quality. They should offer relevant information on the items on sale.  They should describe items though visually. Add professional photos to your product pages to lure shoppers into sticking to your site.


The features your ecommerce website has can either make it fail or succeed. Add these 7 vital features to your site to boost its success and keep it thriving in the long-run.

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