7 Interesting Bictoin Facts

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Technology has always been an exciting sphere of science. From the emergence of medicine to understanding the atom. Helping to ease our struggles and improve our functional abilities. Freeing our time, improving our quality of life, easing suffering and hardship. Airplanes to washing machines, technological advance has been brought steadily into our homes since the advent of society itself. As the world matures, and we build on the knowledge that was painstakingly provided by generations past, we reach new heights; solving today’s problems to pave the way for a better future tomorrow.

Bitcoin is an excellent example of how technology, when given the right environment can flourish, offering better choices where historically there may have been few. While it’s not the first cryptocurrency, it is the first cryptocurrency to take hold. Encourage growth and advance of the cutting edge technologies that are tailor-made to solve the problems that are most glaring today. From bitcoin we have been able to see the future of decentralized business, a better way to think of finance. An independent, private, and global structure that is non-exclusive with a million different real-world applications.

From its humble beginnings as a cryptographically secure currency, bitcoin has flourished into a global borderless payment system. A valuable asset. It provided the platform for a number of technologies that, just a few years ago, would have sounded impossible. It has brought us the internet of things, smart contracts, a better space for developers to create and disseminate information. A platform that is both publicly regulated and securely private. The coin has come quite a ways in the last ten years and has boundless potential in the future.

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